Yee Peng Festival – Floating Lanterns Festival 2011 Chiang Mai

By | December 1, 2013

Thousands of paper lanterns released at the same time after a beautiful Buddhist ceremony. One of the most beautiful festivals in Thailand takes place on the…

chiang mai

14 thoughts on “Yee Peng Festival – Floating Lanterns Festival 2011 Chiang Mai

  1. margmant

    @shinadina The name of the song is “Alone” by Tryad.

  2. DJSilverskull

    may I ask when would be the next one? and would it also feature paper sky

  3. margmant

    @DJSilverskull Hey, the next festival takes place on the full moon night of
    the 12th lunar month, which means that probably will be in the 28th of
    November of 2012.

  4. DJSilverskull

    @margmant – Aw. It seems like I do have classes during the said festival.
    You see, I’m not really from Thailand. But I would be very delighted to go
    so I’ll try my best. Hopefully.

  5. Jojo Takenaka

    Confira este vídeo no YouTube:

  6. Ian McBryde

    Vertical recording, we meet again.

  7. ncs2000

    which part of chiang mai is this? near maejo university?

  8. margmant

    Can not say for sure, but is somewhere up north Chiang Mai

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