Yee Peng Festival, Chiang Mai

By | May 31, 2013

by Suparna Kundu
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Will the lanterns be floated in the air on both days or just on one day & if the latter, then on which day ?

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Yee Peng Festival, Chiang Mai

Yee Peng / Loy Krathong Festival 2010
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi All

I have now finally received the completed itinery from the organisers of the Sansai Yee Peng Festival……the greatest magical floating lanterns display you will ever witness!.

It is a lengthy email in both Thai & English covering timetable, map & directions, dress & do’s & don’ts…..rather than adding the whole thing to our website, would anyone who would like the information, please just contact me through our website…..make sure you add your email address I will then forward the full email to you.



Yee Peng Festival 2010
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Suparna

Many thanks for your visit to our website & subsequent questions.

The Yee Peng / Loy Krathong Festival takes place on 20th & 21st November this year, there will be the floating lanterns released on both nights, however if you want to see a truly magnificent display of the floating lanterns I have just added a new page to my websitehere:
Yee Peng Festival this is a truly fantastic festival that is not promoted as it already attracts huge amounts of people who return each year.

We hope you really enjoy your stay in Chiang Mai & please share your favorite memorieswith us!.