Writing Workshops in Chiang Mai

By | May 10, 2013

by Keith Lyons
(Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Chiang Mai a ‘writer’s oasis!’

Chiang Mai a ‘writer’s oasis!’

Visiting author Keith Lyons believes Chiang Mai will become a writer’s oasis, not just in Thailand or Asia, but globally!.

In Chiang Mai later this month to run writing workshops, the New Zealand-born writing mentor thinks the area’s strategic location and rich culture will continue to attract and cultivate creativity.

“I can see Chiang Mai becoming a more cosmopolitan and international centre, as more people from Thailand and overseas discover the uniqueness of the region. As elsewhere in the world, it is often the creative types – writers and artists – who are among the first to find this.”

Mr Lyons says while most people can read and write, fewer can use the written word to express themselves, earn a living, or make a difference in the world.

“I see my role as encouraging and inspiring people to get writing, to tap into their creativity, and achieve success. There’s too many people in this world who would like to write, but just never get around to it.”

Mr Lyons, who was first published when he was 12 years old, says despite the global economic downturn, there are still many opportunities for writers to get published and earn a living.

“Travel writing isn’t dead, in fact there are more avenues for publication these days. Similarly, there is still demand for fiction and non-fiction.”

In Chiang Mai, he’ll also be running a workshop for people in NGOs working for change.

“Good writing can make a difference. It can change people’s attitudes and behaviours.”

The workshops on 23 and 24 September will be held in the Chiang MaiWriters Club. More information is available at the Keith Lyons website.

For more information contact:

Keith Lyons


‘Write Now – Get Writing’ – Thursday 23rd 10am-6pm

‘Get Travel Writing’ – Friday 24th 9am-1pm

‘Writing to make a difference’ – Friday 24th 2-6pm