Would My Japanese Wife Enjoy Retiring To Chiang Mai?

By | July 23, 2013

by Mark Neufeld
(Date City, Japan)

I’m an American who has been teaching at a college in Japan for over 20 years, and I’m thinking about retiring in Chiang Mai. My wife is Japanese, and I’m wondering if there are other people like me with Japanese wives who have retired there, or if there are Japanese couples who have retired there. (My wife has the impression only Japanese men go to Thailand.)

By the way, I’m planning to visit Chiang Mai in mid-September. Would it be okay for me to contact you while I’m there? I have a lot of questions about retiring there.

All the best,
Mark Neufeld

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Would My Japanese Wife Enjoy Retiring To Chiang Mai?

Retiring to Chiang Mai
by: Kevin(Webmaster)

Hi Mark
Many thanks for visiting our website & for making contact.

YES, without a doubt you & your Japanese wife would love your retirement in Chiang Mai……particularly your wife!.

Chiang Mai actually has the largest population of expat Japanese retirees of any city within Thailand, so I see no reason why you should not enjoy all the comforts of home…..even living in our wonderful northern Thai city.

If you contact me again through our website & make sure you add your email address / mobilephone number I will catch up with you whilst you are up in Chiang Mai.

Kind Regards

Certainly suitable
by: [email protected]

Certainly Chiang Mai would be suitable for retired-age, Japanese wife.
But not suitable at all for young Japanese woman, 20-30’s.

Many retired Japanese couples here, not only men.
She’ll find plenty of middle-age, Japanese ladies for company.

Certain apartments, condos, have large number of retired Japanese.

In the supermarkets, a very large selection ofJapanese foods: from sauces and snacks, to fresh sushi, and fish prepared Japanese style.

Many Japanese restaurants here.
One tour/travel magazine — the kind you find in nicer hotels on the room desk — entirely in Japanese.
That would be the perfect source to locate restaurants.

There is at least one school which offers Thai lessons with Japanese-speaking teachers.

Finally, Chiang Mai boasts two “Daiso” shops.

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