Wooden Frog Musical Instruments

By | March 26, 2013

by Eric G. Twickler
(Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S.A.)

Hi Rose and Kevin,

I had the good fortune to spend a long month in Thailand with two weeks in Chiang Mai until April 14. I am still a little damp from water splashes on Songkran Festival as I stayed inside the old city a little too close to the moat.

I sent home one of those wood frog musical instruments (or noisemakers to be more precise) for my nephew. I happened to buy it at the Sunday walking market just outside the Thae Pae Gate for 100 THB. Several friends have asked about them.

I was wondering if you could buy one or two about 4″ (10 cm) long (the larger ones) for me. Don’t bargain too hard with the seller just a few Baht less than asking price. I suspect the shipping will cost more than the toys.

I found you site after I returned to the US and love it. It loads with my other home pages. I miss Thailand and the people.


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Wooden Frog Musical Instruments

Those Pesky Wooden Frogs!
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Eric

Many thanks for your visit to our website, we are really pleased you enjoyed it & that you have bookmarked us to keep up with our very latest information & articles!.

In terms of those lovely wooden frogs, who drive you to complete distraction when in the hands of small children, it sounds like you have maybe discovered a little vein of potential gold!. Love them or hate them they seem to be quite popular, we have a customer in Australia who ships 200 units of different sizes EVERY MONTH!.

I will actually buy the 4″ frogs that you are enquiring about from my normal source who works out cheaper than paying the “farang” prices charged at the Sunday Walking Street Market & Night Bazaar .

If you could just confirm exactly how many you need, I will give you a price including shipping to USA?.

Thanks again for your enquiry.

Kind Regards


buying frogs in quantity
by: Anonymous

how much are the frogs total including shipping sent to louisiana Is there price break for different quantities can you mix different sizes

Oct 14, 2012
Wooden Musical Frogs
by: Kevin(Webmaster)

Hi Anonymous

Please email me at kevin(dot)r(dot)butters(at)gmail(dot)com for full information and prices.