Wild sex destination Bangla Road, Phuket Thailand with Mongrel Buck Wild

By | December 6, 2013

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19 thoughts on “Wild sex destination Bangla Road, Phuket Thailand with Mongrel Buck Wild

  1. MrHodgeon5th

    Ukraine girls are hot….the dating sites…do they make good wives or is
    it true that they fake it and only want the green card?

  2. Farang Frank

    Sawasdee krub, Thai girls. My name is Frank. I am a Farang. I would like
    to let you know that I like to yed hee Thai mark mark krub. Thai girls,
    how much ja? I tell you Thai, I travel around the world; Thai girls are
    easiest to have sex with. They just want money and they also want half
    Thai and half any nation children. Even the Thai king’s daughter used to
    marry a Farang and now she got dumped by her husband. I am very happy to
    be a Farang because I can get Thai girls to yed easily.

  3. Joe MINIMAL

    Buck Wild.. where can i find Russians or European women in Bangkok or
    Pattaya….. im not travelling to Phuket….. so suggestions to be

  4. Anna K

    I agree, people and culture are worth to discover. Sex tourism is sad:-(

  5. Buck Wild

    And your profile is of Brock Lesner.. Face it your you love and wish you
    were a yankee!

  6. dean dumon

    Very nice vid man, one of the best ive seen, was walking around there when
    ya shot the vid lol, one thing tho , its Bangla road, not bangal road or
    whatever you say lol, anyway ty for the vid

  7. Buck Wild

    Thank you Dean. I did get the memo on the pronunciation. haha


    this place is the `monte carlo` of thailand….prepare to be ripped off!

  9. thelonewarrior44

    90% of them have a dick & the rest 10% will get u some serious STI

  10. Elo Kim

    where r u getting all of these money to do mongering? Spending your grandma
    inheritance on dirty pussy ?

  11. Elo Kim

    who in right mind wants to fuck a whore who fucks up to 4000 clients a
    year??? God damn people , are you insane???

  12. Buck Wild

    Looks like we have a wilt chamberlain here with body count! By your
    estimation they would need to fuck 11 people a day with no days off.. Come
    on man.. That’s retarded don’t ever go full retard on my channel again..

  13. Amarina Jovanka

    i never been there before. thanks for uploaded 🙂

  14. ryan hammerton

    That cause like my fellow young people in the United Kingdom you go out
    there with the wrong “MIND SET”. There idea of fun is to get married
    consume then wait to die, believe me my workplace is full of liberty
    sellout’s like that.

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