Why Backpacking Through Thailand is a Great Idea!

By | May 26, 2013

by Hayley Jones
(San Diego, California, USA)

Backpackers have an interesting lifestyle. Many of them either work online or hold positions at medicore jobs while traveling a country they’ve yet to explore. If you’re a backpacker, or perhaps you’re a person looking to backpack in a foreign country. I would like to point all signs to Thailand. A beautiful, wonderful and epic country. Here are just a few reasons you should backpack throughout Thailand and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Underwater Adventures

Why not explore the sea and all its beauty? Thailand is one of the few countries where the prices of just about anything is low. That includes diving lessons and rental equipment. If its your first time, no problem. They’ll have you diving within a day or two if not that very same day! The ocean is beautiful in itself and everything underneath it will have you bubbling with excitement. Thailand is one of the few areas in the worldwhere you can dive on a budget in blue, clear ocean water.

Climb In Krabi

Rock climbing in Thailand is a popular activity. Rock climbers from around the world make a yearly or seasonal trip out to Thailand just to climb these majestic cliffs. There are many cities in Thailand where you can have an awesome rock climbing experience. I advise that you do your research thorough to find a reliable instructor (one that won’t get you killed) in a popular city. That way you know you’re getting your monies worth.

Massage & Spa Treatments
Okay, this isn’t exactly a destination in the sense of going to a city or attraction. However a spa can be a destination when you really think about it. Thailand is one of the few places in the world you can enjoy a massage, relax in hot springs, or get a hot-stone massage for a little less than $15. Now how many places in the world can you visit to get that?

Granted I will give you this one tid-bit of advice. Relax and let your senses go. Let them do all the work because they truly know what they are doing. Especially if you go to a reputable spa.

Elephants & Markets

Be sure to checkout the elephant trails. Thailand offers a unique option of hiking on an elephants back through pre-determined routes. So safety isn’t much of a concern and it isn’t every day that you get to ride on back of an elephant!. There are also several Elephant camps & parks located throughout Thailand where you can see this wonderful animal in it’s natural environment, if you love Elephants this is a must!.

Markets are another destination you shouldn’t miss out on. Most daily markets are made up of the usual products that you would never see at your local grocery store. This food is all organic. Either grown by the local or caught in their own fishing nets. You can’t get any natural or fresher than that!

Stop thinking about it and get on that plane already. Thailand is waiting for you to backpack through its mountains and jungles. Thailand is waiting for you to discover all it has to offer!.


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