Which Thai Visa Option To Choose?

By | October 9, 2013

by Matthew
(Shanghai, China)


Hopefully you can help me with a Thai Visa query I have, I have looked at a couple of other websites but am still unsure!.

What visa setup would you recommend for somebody who fulfils all retirement visa requirements; except for age!.

I’m on the young side, but I’ve been working and saving and wanted to possibly write a book with low overhead and decided Chiang Mai would be a great place!.

Any suggestions? Would it be possible to respond to me?.

Thanks Matthew

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Which Thai Visa Option To Choose?

Which Thai Visa Option
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Matthew

Ok, some info for you, I assume you are from either the UK or US?.

IF so & you intend to stay up to 4 months in Thailand get a 2 or 3 entry TOURIST VISA:


The Tourist Visa can be issued only by the Royal Thai Embassy or the Royal Thai Consulate and it must be obtained before arriving in Thailand.

The Tourist Visa is available with one, two or three entries. The one (1) entry visa has a validity of three months from date of issue. The two (2) and three (3) entry visas have a validity of six months from date of issue.

a) With a ONE entry Tourist Visa you must ensure you enter Thailand within the validity of the visa which is 3 months from date of issue.

b) With a TWO or THREE entry Tourist Visa you must ensure you enter Thailand on your final visit before expiry of the visa which is 6 months from date of issue.

It is most important not to stay in Thailand beyond the exit (UNTIL) date or you will be fined when leaving the country and you could be detained. It is not permitted to stay continuously in Thailand for more that 60 (or 30) days but if you have a visa with more than one entry which has not been used you can re-enter for further stays of 60 (or 30) days until you have used up all entries.

If you have a visa with more than one entry and wish to stay in Thailand for a further 60 (or 30) days it is necessary to visit a Thai Immigration Border Control Office about 2-3 days before the stay expires, exit Thailand into neighbouring country and immediately re-enter to activate your next 60 (or 30) days.

You can keep doing this until you have used all your entries provided this is done within the validity of the visa. At the end of your only or final stay you must leave Thailand and you cannot re-enter until you obtain a new visa.

If you want to stay longer than 4 months in Thailand with a Tourist Visa, it is possible to go to the Immigration Services & request a further extension, but this is purely up to the discretion of the Immigration Officer!……If you don’t want to risk that, you will need to leave Thailand and get another Tourist Visa…..and follow the same as above.

If you want to stay LESS than 4 months, then the VISA EXEMPTION (VISA ON ARRIVAL) is for you:

It permits a stay of 30 days in Thailand at which point you either leave, or do a visa run – overland gets you another 15 days, a flight out & back to Thailand gives you another 30 days. You can do this reasonably indefinately, but the visa run gets a bit tedious!!

If cost IS an issue then work with the VISA EXEMPTION as it’s free, if you are NOT too bothered about the cost of the MULTI-ENTRY TOURIST VISA at around $85/person then go down that route.

I trust this information has been useful to you, please do contact me again if you have any queries about what, where or how!.

Website Administration