What Makes Bora Bora Such an Exciting Honeymoon Destination?

By | December 6, 2013
Bora Bora

Bora Bora (Photo credit: Benoit Mahe)

Water bungalows, magical sceneries, natural scents, breakfast in a canoe, warm temperature and beautiful lagoon sums up Bora Bora, the best place for any honeymoon. The warm climate tropical island has been a paradise for many romantic honeymooners.

 Beauty factor

Bora Bora is filled with many romantic places that add magic to the honeymoon. A romantic dinner facing the beach with French wine would give delightful fantasies. You can experience a private motu filled with Polynesian flower fragrance or an overwater bungalow with a pandanas leaf and thatched roof.

Water factor

Bora Bora is covered with the greenish blue clear sea and green lush of vegetation. Your honeymoon can have hours of aqua fun with an exclusive aqua bike adventure, reef trip in a submarine, jet skis or just a calm boating outside the reef, with your new life partner. Many resorts allow couples to take canoe boat tours with snorkeling or shark and ray feeding.

Beach factor

Whisk off your partner to the sandy beach to enjoy the water, warm clear golden sand and shades of green trees. The palms give good shades for the couple to sit and taste lobster or exotic island fruits. Imagine how romantic it would be if you took your partner to the beach!

Land factor

Hike through the lust forest of tropical vegetation and take breathtaking views from vantage points. There are a few ancient villages, fertile valleys and good walking trails. Enjoy the wild exotic island fruits from the trees and climb Mt Pahia. If you prefer, you can reach the summit of Mt. Otemanu, in a helicopter.

4×4 factor

Have you played with an amazing 4X4 in Bora Bora before? You can travel with your partner along the rugged roads bordering the clean beach. The Range Rovers would take you to botanical, historical and cultural insights.

Weather factor

Bora Bora has a wet summer and dry winter season. The weather is always warm with 26 degrees Celsius being average, attracting honeymooners. You don’t need to cover yourself in jackets and coats. The sensual warm air will mingle with your skin and hair.

Wow factors

a)     Private water bungalow with canoe breakfast and picnic lunch on a private beach

b)     Enjoy live music and dance of Polynesia, with the background of coral filled beach

c)     Romantic walk in the lagoon and a private deck facing the lagoon

d)     Private beach sunset view with Tahiti cocktail

e)     Flower bath spa

f)      Rain showers and river baths

g)     Deep water treatments

h)     Scuba diving near the reefs

i)      Tahiti pearl gifts

j)      Lunch in a colorful pareo and conch shells

What makes Bora Bora, a beautiful honeymoon destination? The place has exotic spots that enhance the romance between couples. What more can push you towards romance than standing with your partner in the canoe on a clear sea with thousands of fish moving around you and the sun setting gently? The calm beach, warm lagoon and exciting water fun will make your honeymoon in Bora Bora one to remember.

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