Weight Loss Retreats in Thailand

By | October 15, 2013

by Deborah
(Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, Koh Samui, Thailand

Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, Koh Samui, Thailand

Obesity is on the rise in Western countries. Being overweight is a state of health that has been associated with many chronic diseases. However, carrying extra weight is not a condition you have to live with for the rest of your life. It is completely reversible.

While there are many treatment options in the US and Europe, a lot of people decide to explore weight loss retreats in exotic places such as Thailand ,in an effort to obtain a healthier lifestyle which will enable them to shed those unwanted extra pounds.

There are many tropical spa destinations that combine a relaxed yet elegant setting with the facilities and staff equipped to help you with your personal wellness goals.

Assuming you live in a Western country and you are interested in detoxification, dietary changes, weight loss, exercise routines or a combination, why not consider changing your scenery all together, and jump starting the beginning to a new way of life in a different setting.

Wellness Programs at Kamalaya – Achieve Ideal Weight and Optimal Fitness

Kamalaya Koh Sumui Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa is located on Thailand’s third largest island, Koh Samui ,and sits overlooking a stretch of white sandy beach with spectacular views from its lush grounds.

One of the highlights of this getaway includes a cave dated centuries back, where monks used to come for spiritual retreats. It is always open for guests to use as a meditation and relaxation space.

Ocean and garden view rooms, including two pool villas, comprise this 59 room seaside paradise which boasts cascading streams in a magical setting.

Kamalaya offers ayurveda treatments, Chinese medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, western medicine as well as ideal weight loss programs andstress management. A knowledgeable and supportive staff of professionals performs reiki, massage, and body treatments including colonics.

There are no TVs in the rooms but guests may spend time in the communal library and TV lounge that is next to the art gallery, which displays exhibitions by Thai artists.

Two restaurants serve a variety of fresh vegetables, salads, grilled seafood, lamb, and poultry, etc while the tea lounge provides a wide array of herbal drinks and wines.

There is a wide variety of other activities and treatments to choose from whether you are trying to achieve your goal of becoming slimmer or simply be there for relaxation. To ensure a vacation away from noise and enable total serenity the spa is designed to re-introduce balance into the lives of all who visit.

Achieving your ideal weight usually is not a short process, but weight loss programs offered by Thai retreats, such as the Kamalaya Koh Sumui Wellness Sanctuary, can be a powerful way to start your trip to a healthier destination.

Chiva-Som Spa – From Weight Loss and Stress Reduction to Total Relaxation

Chiva-Som Spa ,another beautiful wellness and weight loss retreatlocated at Hua Hin ,about 200 kilometers south of Bangkok ,includes seven acres with tropical gardens and offers a peaceful holiday on this serene beachfront destination.

Personal trainers and nutritionists, as well as other professional wellness experts, will guide you through your journey to greater health and well being. Throw away your American weight loss diet offers, such as the Medifast online coupons and the popular Nutrisystem coupon code, and get ready to introduce yourself to a whole new way of life as you experience the healing energy of one of the many retreats with specialweight management programs offered during your stay.

Accommodation includes 58 rooms, each with its own balcony overlooking the beach and furnished with amenities such as satellite TV, air conditioning, refrigerator and more, combining the craft and style of Asian architecture with the comfort of Western standards.

Dining facilities serve an assortment of international cuisine and vegetarian options along with authentic Thai food depending on your diet restrictions. Wine and champagne are served in the evenings after 6pm.

Some of the daily fitness activities include yoga, pilates, water aerobics, stretching and meditation, kinesis, as well as unlimited use of the sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi.

Accompanied with health and wellness consultation, the program will be tailored to best suit the results you are seeking. With a combination of eastern and western approaches to therapies, your itinerary will be designed to meet your personal body rejuvenation and weight loss needs as well as offer you strategies to help you continue with your fitness andweight loss plan once you have returned home.

Ban Sabai Resort – Detoxification and Weight Loss

The northern region of Thailand, in Chiang Mai ,offers a large selection of day spas as well as smaller more intimate resorts, centered around health and fitness. Ban Sabai Village Boutique Resort and Spa is a mere 5 kilometers from the city center and offers accommodation of five carefully designed villas and four standard rooms that allow guests to relax in the utmost comfort, in this quiet retreat.

Facilities and experienced staff provide the ultimate in spa pampering with signature packages that include body scrubs, masques and wraps, aroma therapy, oil massage and several detoxification programs ranging from seven to twelve days.

Three other facilities under the same ownership, include Ban Sabai, a day spa in Chiang Mai town and two locations on the island of Koh Sumui, Big Buddha Day Spa and Ban Sabai Sunset and Beach Resort.

While some people get discouraged expecting to be thinner rather quickly, Ban Sabai owners sometimes need to remind their clients that obesity does not occur overnight and genuine lasting results take time, especially when incorporating a healthy approach to weight loss.

A frequently asked question is, “How many pounds will I lose in 2 weeks?”. The weight management experts at Ban Sabai claim that you can expect to lose significant weight. However, they make it clear that you have to take the decision to change your eating and exercise habits to avoid weight gain.

Visit Thailand for a Cleansing of Body, Mind and Spirit

While the journey you are considering is only the beginning, why wait another minute to decide when to start losing weight and pursuing your goals? Allow yourself to escape from everything that is familiar and open your mind to a new approach to how you live, by introducing the changes necessary for a better, healthier, happier life.

Indulging in a luxurious tropical, yet regimented weight loss retreat in Thailand ,with professionally trained staff, might be the difference between the overweight, lethargic person you are and the energetic, slim, healthy person you aspire to be.

About the Author:
Deborah is a freelance writer living in Thailand. She works primarily with her husband as a Thai to English translator. They also work together on independent documentaries about social issues in Southeast Asia.



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