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By | July 26, 2014

district of columbia bicycle map use hand signalsonly when necessary to tell motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians what you intend to do. Be predictable.

district of columbia department of motor vehicles driving manual driving manual rev. 2/07/2012

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO Prior to visiting a DC DMV Service Center, visit the agency’s website and use the Document Verification Guide to know what documents

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY – The District of Columbia shall not be liable to the registrant, its employees, agents, business invitees, licensees, customers, clients, family members or guests for any damage, injury,

SI-193-2008 SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION MRC 135 PO Box 37012 Washington DC 20013-7012 Telephone 202.633.2950 Fax 202.786.2982 Media only: John Gibbons (202) 633-5187 September 2008

Parking at or near Smithsonian Museums At Smithsonian museums: The Smithsonian does not operate any commercial parking facilities; however, there are numerous commercial parking lots and garages located within several blocks of the museums.

Updated May 2012 Wheelchair Rental Information Manual wheelchairs are available for loan to Smithsonian visitors on a first- come, first-served basis within each museum.

Culture, learning and the dissemination of knowledge, Smithsonian’s Museum Day reflects the spirit of the magazine, and emulates the free-admission policy of the Smithsonian Institution’s Washington DC-based properties.

SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION National Air and Space Museum Room 3100 Washington DC 20560-0322 202.357.3133 Telephone 202.786.2835 Fax Reference.Desk@nasm.si.edu E-mail