Wanting A Good But Difficult Trek In Thailand

By | April 14, 2013

by Dave

My friend and I arrive in Bangkok on the 6 Nov 15.45hrs, returning 20 Nov 12.30hrs.
We are looking to do a 10-12 day trek to fit into this period, do you have any suggestions. Budget accommodation is required.
Dave Maw


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Wanting A Good
But Difficult Trek In Thailand

Recommended Trekking Guide
by: Melissa

Hi Dave,
Most trekking packages offered here are not as long as 10 days (maybe 5-7 days max), but there is an excellent guide called ‘Long’ who was one of the original trekking guides in Mae Hong Son.

He specialises in real trekking experiences (not the touristic type) and loves long hardy treks. His email is [email protected] andmobile no. is +66 (0)898386865

FYI Mae Hong Son is a great area for authentic trekking as the routes and nature are more pristine than some of the more beaten treks in Chiang Mai.

Good luck,
Mel from Thailand Hilltribe Holidays