Wandering Bangkok – Places and Faces

By | November 29, 2013

Typical Bangkok scenes from riding motorbike taxis, canal taxi and walking. Bangkok people, tourists and locals, street vendors and miscellaneous others. The…


21 thoughts on “Wandering Bangkok – Places and Faces

  1. Andrew Gore

    Another top-notch video of life in BKK. Keep it up, I always look forward
    to the next one.

  2. nadoeloiskat

    I could sense the heat on those crowded streets. It’s up to 40C in BKK now.

  3. nadoeloiskat

    BTW love it to hear the street sounds, feels like i’m there.

  4. thebrukingdom

    very interesting, I like this landscape.

  5. pretorious700

    Just got back home from 2 weeks in BKK. Best sidewalk food in the world.

  6. LowTarBKK

    finally you made it into my ‘neighbourhood’ 🙂 but to be precise, what you
    labelled as ‘Sukhumvit Soi 5’ is close, but not touching. You eventually
    show most of the time Soi 3/1 and, at the end of that part, Soi 3 next to
    the Nana Square. But WTF, I still enjoyed it! Keep on filming!

  7. phrakanong

    Ah, you are exactly right. Thanks for the correction.

  8. ivor nappionion

    good quality vid,i like the canal taxi boats;]

  9. xLancashireladx

    I must figure out how to get around by klong (canal) taxi next time. After
    10 years of visiting the City of Angels, you’d think I’d know by now!

  10. unitedmutation

    yeah —– you make me hungry!!!!!!!! 555555555555555555

  11. Mark Trout

    lovely to see the parts of the city again,makes want to hop on a plane and
    go there….really nice vid..

  12. swampmarshy

    Oh Thailand, I do miss you so much.

  13. pretorious700

    It’s strange, I’m mostly a rural person, and I hate US cities, but I love

  14. gk10002000

    Very nice video. Thank you for posting

  15. gk10002000

    I love the BTS Skytrain. Even took the link to the airport this year. I
    have taken the local busses a little bit. I have taken the longer distance
    coaches all the time to Pattaya, Sukhothai. Bangkok is nice to visit. I
    still have much to see. I recommend the Dusit zoo. Lots of water and shade
    and a nice oasis in the middle of a city.

  16. covr687

    cool vid, actually could sit through this 1 🙂 cant wait to move here in oct

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