Visting Chiang Mai

By | September 12, 2013

by Nikhil

I am coming to Chiang Mai in June. (15th to 20th ) . Could you please advise on the most popular attractions to visit?.

I would like to visit Karen Longnecks and any other place where I can experience the local culture.

Also what can i expect weatherwise ? will it be rainy season ?


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Visting Chiang Mai

Visiting Chiang Mai
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Nikhil

Many thanks for your questions posted through the Contact Us section of our website.

Firstly, let me extend a warm Welcome to Chiang Mai to you, it is a wonderful city, I am sure you will have a great stay here.

In terms of the most popular places to visit ,the no1 visitor destination is Wat Doi Suthep closely followed by Chiang Mai Zoo(mainly due to Lin Binour “celebrity” Panda Cub), after that you have many other choices based upon what you prefer to see & do, please check out the “Places to Visit” pages for further details.

To visit the Karen Pa Dong Long Necks village you will need to travel to Mae Hong Son ,there are flights daily to there from Chiang Mai(flight takes just 35 minutes!).

There are also numerous tours available in both Chiang Mai & Mae Hong Son that will allow you to get closer to nature & the local people, these are best booked locally rather than on the internet, as you will get exactly what you want, at the cheapest price!.

As far as the Chiang Mai Weather is concerned June is officially within the “rainy season”, but don’t let that put you off, IF it rains, it’s typically a short sharp shower that disappears within minutes (October tends to be the wettest month here).

If the rainy season has been bad, it is possible that a few of the tours that involve trekking & the jungles may be affected, but in 4 years of living in Chiang Mai we have never seen a bad rainy season!.

We hope you have a really fantastic visit to Northern Thailand & hopefully you will post some of your Favorite Memories to our website!.