Visiting Chang Mai

By | July 31, 2013

by Mark Waecker
(Los Angeles)

Kevin ~

I am taking my girlfriend to Chang Mai for her birthday. She has suggested either the Four Seasions or the Chedi as hotels that she is interestedin. Which do you recommend and prefer.

I have gone through each website and find it difficult to decide. The Chedi is less expensive and i have stayed at the Four Season many times in other parts of the world and always have been very happy.

On another note, her birthday ? I am looking for something to do for that day that is very unusual. She is a very sophisticated woman who has traveled everywhere. In a perfect world i would hire a helicopter and whisk her off to a secluded beach for the day BUT there are no beaches close by ! Your thoughts ?

Thank you … Mark

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Visiting Chang Mai ..

Visiting Chiang Mai
by: Anonymous

Hi Mark

Interesting challenge!.

You have a great choice of top hotels in Chiang Mai, my own personal recommendations would be Mandarin Oriental(very similar price to Four Seasons) or the Shangri-La, which added to your own couple of suggestions will give you a difficult decision!…..they are all great in their own unique way.

In terms of a unique experience whilst you are here:

1/ hot air balloon trip over the Chiang Mai landscape.

2/ helicopter trip around the Chiang Mai area.

3/ there are direct flights from Chiang Mai to Phuket, so you could be “on the beach” within a couple of hours of leaving Chiang Mai for that romantic dinner!.

There are many tour operators that offer bespoke tours of all the very best places around Chiang Mai, I would suggest you don’t book anything until you arrive & then see what is available & book locally……alternatively once you have decided which hotel to stay at, have a chat with them as to what “once in a lifetime” tours they can recommend.

Have a great visit.

All the best.