Unusual Weddings – Make Your Wedding Special and Unique!

By | April 27, 2013

by Indui Dennis
(Wiltshire, UK)

Any bride and groom would want their wedding to be different and an unforgettable event for themselves as well as their loved ones who attend it.

There was a time when a wedding was always about a church in the neighborhood and the white gown and black tux. But things have changed a lot. Now wedding ceremonies are a result of a lot of imagination and creativity combined with careful planning and systematic arrangements. Hence, unusual weddings are becoming more usual now. Ironic, isn’t it?

Weddings can be made unusual in many ways. It could be an unusual venue, theme, dressing, etc. However, in most cases the rarity is mostly in the venue chosen for the wedding. The criteria for this are often the place where the couple first met with each other or some place that the couple are most passionate about.

There have been incidents where the wedding took place under water, ice chapels, castles, ski slopes, or even forests. Sometimes weddings are planned abroad in exotic locations and landscapes. In such situations one factor that you need to take care of is to book your tickets on time, yours as well as your loved ones!.