Underwater World – Pattaya, Thailand

By | November 6, 2013

by Cherry Garcia
(Manila, Philippines)

An Underwater Extravaganza at Pattaya Undersea World!

An Underwater Extravaganza at Pattaya Undersea World!

In July 2003, Underwater World ,Asia’s biggest and most modern Aquarium complex opened in Pattaya Beach ,Thailand.

Located in Sukhumvitt Road past Tesco Lotus, the complex cost 300 million Baht($9.5 million). It boasts over 2,500 marine animals comprising of more than 200 differing species.

The Underwater World’s most famous attraction is the 100-meter long underwater tunnel where visitors can go to watch the brilliant and colorful marine life found in Pattaya.

The tunnel is safe as it is well-constructed and made of thick acrylic glass. The “voyage to the bottom of the sea” starts at the water’s edge as you descend to the tunnel.

The Underwater World complex has different tanks like the otter tank, shark tank, reef tank and touch tank. These tanks are available for viewing and have a set time for feeding for visitors to watch.

The otter tank is probably the most animated as visitors watch the otters cute antics as they interact with their caretakers. The shark tank showcases real live sharks and rays as they are fed by the aquarium’s resident divers/caretakers.

The reef and coral tank is teaming with a huge variety of marine life that visitors can observe being fed by the divers. Most visitors find the feeding and interaction time fun as this is the time the fishes and other marine life are most active.

A trip to the Pattaya Underwater World is highly recommended as it’s highly educational in terms of knowing and understanding marine life aside from being educated on the importance of marine conservation.

There are various day trips to Pattaya Underwater World. You can go there as soon as it opens at 9:00 A.M. so you don’t have to wait long in the tunnels.

The city of Pattaya thrives as a beach resort area and more, its also a veritable wildlife extravaganza & ideally all located within close proximity of the city center.

The city not only has the Underwater World, the Pattaya Elephant Village and the Pattaya Million Years Stone Park & Crocodile Farmbut also the world famous SriRacha Tiger Zoo these all make for great family attractions.

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Underwater World – Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya Underwater World
by: Peter Dickinson

As a zoo professional I have made a number of visits to Underwater World and other animal attractions in the area. In the main I am not impressed. You might like to read my reports on Zoos in Thailand here: http://hubpages.com/hub/Zoos-in-Thailand

Loose Translation of Last Comments – German – English
by: Kevin (Administration)

I have now been in Thailand for 2 weeks and what struck me as I visit the Underwater World in Pattaya, is the insult that faces all foreign visitors!.

Although it is already clear that the Germans at some things in Thailand are drawn on the table but in such an institution, I really did not think would happen to me as something.

I was with my girlfriend and her father (both Thais) prior to the Underwater World in Pattaya and we really wanted to watch the wildlife that is on display.

But at the entry point to the Underwater World my jaw dropped!.

All foreign “Farang” are particularly asked to pay as and I personally find under all.

It was in this case only a few dollars can be classified but it is nevertheless already worst kind. Thais have to pay 250 baht and farangs 450 baht!.

This means after the current conversion rate of Euros to the bath, a German because of his origin from 200 baht so must pay the equivalent of 4.72 euros more than the locals!.

Thus, a klassefizierung did not want me and my girlfriend and the father can offer and after I zusammengeschissen the cashier, we are also gone for such a rip-off even if it is only a few Euros and I will not let me cast.

It’s in the moment just to the principle that I am no worse or better than the others and so can not say more or less must not pay.

I shall not by my side, happy to meet me when you irgedwelche attractions Sun

A NO GO for exactly how the aquarium in Pattaya!.

Frechheit hoch 10
by: markus

Ich bin nun seit 2 Wochen in Thailand und was mir da bei einem Besuch im Underwater World in Pattaya aufgefallen ist finde ich eines der heftigsten frechheiten die ich bis jetzt gesehen und mitbekommen habe.
Es ist zwar schon klar das die Deutschen bei manchen Dingen in Thailand über den Tisch gezogen werden aber bei so einer Institution hätte ich echt nicht gedacht das mir da sowas passieren würde.
Ich war mit meiner Freundin und Ihrem Vater (beide Thais) vor dem Underwater World in Pattaya und wollten uns eigentlich die Tierwelt die dort ausgestellt wird ansehen.
Aber wo es um das bezahlen für den Eintritt ging ist mir glatt die Kinnlade runtergefallen.
Die Deutsche “Farang” werden da besonders zur Kasse gebeten und das finde ich persönlich unter aller Sau.
Es ging in diesem Fall nur um ein paar Euro aber sich so klassifizieren zu lassen ist doch schon übelste Sorte.
Thais müssten 250 baht bezahlen und Deutsche 450 baht.
Dies bedeutet nach dem aktuellen Umrechnungskurs des Euros zum bath das ein Deutscher wegen seiner Herkunft her 200 baht also umgerechnet 4,72EUR mehr bezahlen muß als die Einheimischen.
So eine klassefizierung wollte ich und meine Freundin und der Vater nicht bieten lassen und nachdem ich die Kassiererin zusammengeschissen habe sind wir auch wieder gegangen denn so eine Abzocke auch wenn es sich nur um ein paar Euros handelt will undwerde ich mir nicht gefallen lassen.
Es geht in dem moment nur um das Prinzip das ich nicht schlechter oder besser bin als die anderen und deswegen auch nicht mehr oder auch nicht weniger bezahlen muß.
Ich von meiner Seite her verzichte gerne auf irgedwelche Atraktionen wenn man mir so entgegenkommt.
Ein abolutes NO GO für das Aquarium in Pattaya.

Pattaya Beach, Thailand
by: Mack

Nice post and video.

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