Trip In Pattaya Bangkok 2013

By | December 7, 2013

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11 thoughts on “Trip In Pattaya Bangkok 2013

  1. carrtex

    I’m going to pattaya next month, where the best places to go?

  2. Darron Rogers

    Cartexx i will be their 20 sept look me up. We can hang at walking street

  3. chris hayes

    There is not best place to go in Pattaya anymore…. Any street corner in
    pattaya is a beer bar or gogo bar… It was much better 20 years ago today
    is just business… Anyway… Have fun sweety….

  4. seminyak696969

    Mixx disco is shitm I wouldn’t be paid to go there. Furthermore, Pattaya
    has turned into a shithole full of crime and full of Russians and other

  5. telor davies

    00.35… who is she, where is she… and why is she not sitting on my face,
    Always ?!!

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