Traveling to Bohol, Philippines

By | July 25, 2013

by Jazmine Santos

Lazy days on the beach at Bohol in the Philippines

Lazy days on the beach at Bohol in the Philippines

Beach lovers in the Philippines immediately think of going to either Boracay or Bohol on their holidays.Both have long stretches of fine, white sand, first class resorts and offer a variety of water activities.

However, Bohol would be chosen over Boracay by those who prefer a quiet time at the beach, as Boracay’s night-life can be too rowdy at times.

Bohol is an island province found in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines. The small but lively city of Tagbilaran is the capital of the province. Even though the climate here is mostly dry, rain usually fall between June and October.

Panglao Island, which can be found Southwest of Tagbilaran, is the most popular destination for most tourists visiting Bohol for its long stretches of sand and diving areas. Most of the high-class resorts are there, but many smaller ones pepper the whole of the province as there are many beaches to choose from.

The longest beach along Panglao’s coast is Bolod Beach, and it’s one of the visitors’ favorite places to stay. Though the climate in the province is mostly dry, some water activities will not be offered during the rainy season because of rough waters.

Whales and dolphins can often be found along the waters around Pamilican Island. Provided that the weather is good, visitors can have the opportunity to watch them out in sea. It is usual to see tourists lining up the coast on early mornings to see the whales and dolphins

Although Bohol’s beaches draw most of the visitors in, there’s so much more to see in this beautiful province. Bohol is dominated by hills. On the north-west and south-east, two ranges roughly run parallel to each other. These hills that are clustered close to each other in large numbers, forming nearly perfect cones, are also known internationally as the Chocolate Hills. Often called as the Jewel of the Philippines, it is one of the country’s natural wonders.

Loboc River is also a famous attraction for its river cruises andentertainment value. Many visitors have lunch in one of the boats that sail along the river, making stops along the way where song and dance numbers are performed by locals on makeshift stages floating on the water.

Nature lovers will definitely like the Mahogany Man-Made Forest and the butterfly sanctuaries. An area of around 134 hectares was set aside as a sanctuary to protect the Tarsiers that are indigenous to Bohol. The Philippine Tarsiers are tiny, nocturnal creatures and can turn their heads to almost 180 degrees.

Bohol is also a place of historical significance, as this is where The Blood Compact was made between local chieftain, Datu Sikatuna, and Don Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, who represented the Spanish King. This event was believed to be the first treaty of friendship between Asia and Europe.

Bohol is an excellent place to visit and the examples of attractions above are only a few of them. There are many more places and things todiscover out there, so expect a holiday packed with activities when traveling out to this Visayan province.