Travel to Thailand

By | August 24, 2013

Travel to Thailand

Interested in Travel to Thailand? ….Travel to Thailand could not be easier, Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) is a major hub within Asia, so you will find a huge choice of airlines not only for flights to Thailand but also to other major Cities in Thailand.

If, like me you like to do everything on the internet, then when it comes around to looking for Vacation Ideas or for Booking Flights it could not be simpler, most of the modern dynamic airlines now all operate paperless tickets (etickets), you merely print off all the booking details, and check in directly at the terminal with them.

Travel to Thailand

It really could not be simpler; the days of eagerly checking the post everyday to see if your tickets had arrived are long gone!.

If you are just looking for cheap flights& the very best deals, then it’s likely that you will need to do a “stopover”.

If you choose just a single stop, then typically this will add just a couple of hours to your overall flight time, which for many people is beneficial as it gives you a chance to stretch your legs after a few hours flying which is a welcome relief.

You might decide you want to fly to Thailand direct, most major airlines offer this service albeit at quite a hefty premium these days Autonoleggio Brindisi aeroporto.

Typically you will pay 30%-40% more for a direct flight in economy than you will in the corresponding class with a single stop.

Travel to Thailand

If you are flying from Europe to Bangkok you can find some really great deals that include a stopover in theMiddle East from carriers such as,Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, Oman Airways and Emirates.

The airports in the Middle East are amongst the most modern & luxurious anywhere in the world, so it’s no ill store to have to spend an hour or two there.

Personally, I would always recommend a night flight, as it allows you to get a few hours “natural” sleep and also gives your body clock a chance to adjust more gently than the day flights.

If your flight originates from the U.S.A then currently you have to accept at least a single stopover enroute, as the distances are much greater than from Europe, so it’s just a case of finding the very best combination of flights that meet your budget & maximum journey time requirements.For American visitors wanting to visit Thailand, click here for information on How to Get a Thai Visa .

If you are wanting to fly to Bangkok from other countries within Asia, you will have the greatest choice of direct flights possible, at the lowest costs, as Bangkok is one of the most popular Asian hubs for all the major airlines.

Amongst the most popular and best value are Air Asia, Qantas, JAL, Singapore Airlines + several of the largest Chinese carriers such as China Airlines & China Southern Airlines.

Whichever booking route you take, make sure you shop around on the internet for the very best deals, ALL the airlines are desperate to fill seats, so a bit of extra time spent at this stage will bring financial reward.It’s also really useful to search online for a Holiday Destination Guide for the area of Thailand you intend to visit, it helps to get a loose itinery started in your mind.

One of the fastest growth areas in Thailand’s tourism industry currently is Medical Tourism ,which currently brings in excess of 2 million visitors a year, and is expected to expand considerably for the next decade.

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