Travel Thailand – World Nomads on Surviving The Full Moon Party (Koh Phangan)

By | November 28, 2013

The Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand has attracted its fair share of controversy in recent years, so we decided to send Jesse Perez from the World No…

full moon party

25 thoughts on “Travel Thailand – World Nomads on Surviving The Full Moon Party (Koh Phangan)

  1. fugallik

    Cool! Very nice video, this is the first well done documentary about the
    Full Moon Party I ever seen. Thank you!

  2. Daniela Jacob

    will be ure friend love thailand too,and sydney aus.was there for 4 month
    was happy there……..greatful….and love bondi beach forever

  3. chillinhyphy

    i’de love to go to thailand, looks fun

  4. Patwarin Jansawang

    look Cool& funny ,I’m So sad T_T I am Thai, but never have been there
    before!! Will see you soon next Full moon!!

  5. Wan Masasly

    how much pwer bucket yaaa? what’s inside bucket actually.. i had come once
    time in aonang and krabi but in aonang, the seller are ssssssssssssssso

  6. lordblazer

    OMG the full moon party is awesome. It beats Burning Man 10 times over!

  7. CFCwonka

    To be honest thats why everyone goes there, you can do what you want and no
    one will care, so PARTYYY!! I’m off there soon.

  8. Robert Farrelly

    I can’t believe this came back to find me! Talking to someone with a camera
    on a beach seems like a good idea at the time! 🙂

  9. klang35470

    God! I’m Thai and full moon party looks awesome,but so pity! i never been
    there before! . there’s have a except about age to join? maybe 16 years old
    it’s too younger right?

  10. World Nomads

    Jesse here: That’s exactly why we went there – because the rules ARE very
    lax, people tend to go a bit overboard. We wanted to show the realities of
    the party, not demonize it, judge it or praise it – just show how to stay
    safe at it!

  11. apriliafan

    I was there this year in May together with 12 others…it was the best,
    absolutely best party of my life! buckets, a tropical climate, dancing til
    the sunrise combined with even more buckets and a swim in the ocean…I
    tell you guys, the best! When you are there at the bar, LOOK FOR JAMIE! and
    a final impression, the Kanguroo bar is something special

  12. World Nomads

    Jesse here: Glad you had a great time… but it’s a pretty bad idea to go
    swimming in the ocean after buckets! I heard quite a few stories about
    people who had drowned in the ocean because they did exactly that…

  13. razza1015

    wheres is this actually on koh pangan? what beach? what area? or is it
    basically the whole island? just booked flights there today going for dec
    28th and new years eve. its gunna be hectic

  14. Joe Osborne

    Who’s Jamie and why should we look for him? 🙂 looking to go next year!

  15. psykad3lic

    Just brought WorldNomads Insurance just because you guys are fukn cool and
    seems you understand the stupidity that we are going to get up to in
    SouthEast Asia! 😀 <3

  16. Yash Raj

    Coming der this year alone 😉 . Whose up to meet up 🙂 ?

  17. Karl Lucas

    June. Every fucking accommodation is booked up! 🙁

  18. Daniel Worthen

    Me too, actually the price is decent and coverage is good.

  19. World Nomads

    Jesse here: Glad you guys like what we do 🙂 Stay safe!

  20. World Nomads

    Jesse here: It was certainly an eye opener, to say the least! 😉 We had a
    lot of fun there, met lots of great people from all over the world during
    our expedition. But remember, just because you are insured doesn’t mean you
    are invincible! Stay safe guys 🙂

  21. BrococoliliXxX

    to get drunk and get high is dangerous in any place you do it… and i’d
    say it’s even more dangerous in western countries than in asia cause there
    is much more violence in big cities as london paris NY etc

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