Our Travel SEO Tips

By | January 11, 2014

How to Get More FREE Traffic for Your Travel Website / Blog

Our travel SEO tips are a series of FREE anecdotal notes, written in plain English terms which are designed to help improve your search results & therefore your internet visibility to others.

In the “good old days”, the most important adage for any bricks & mortar based business (offline business) was always LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!, any business that was NOT located in a position whereby it was highly visible would be lucky to survive, let alone thrive!! .

The internet “online” revolution that has swept the world over the last 5 years has completely re-defined the adage to now being INFORMATION, INFORMATION, INFORMATION!, interestingly though the “visibility” issues are even more important today than they were back in the good old days.

You can have the most beautifully designed creative website or blog, but if nobody can see it, what is the point!!. 

Our Travel SEO Tips

WOW, it’s a little crowded out here in cyberspace!!

Fact: – globally there are over 240 million registered domains(websites & blogs), with 000’s more being added daily, Google added 2.2 million new “Blogger” blogs in July 2009 alone!!(Netcraft.com).

Fact: – only the top 3% of all websites & blogs have the potential to make money.

Fact: – over 80% of ALL internet business goes to the 1st three search results(excluding sponsored results).

Fact: – the average “internet surfer” NEVER goes beyond the 3rd page of search results.

Fact: – over 46% of TOTAL INTERNET PURCHASING is travel related, and increasing yearly.

Fact: – 89% of TOTAL GLOBAL SEARCHES go through the Google search engine(gs.statcounter.com)

Our Travel SEO Tips

Hey Google I’m Over Here!!!

When Google, Yahoo, Microsoft(or whatever they are calling themselves this week!!) & Ask visit your site, they are expecting you to be an “expert” within your own niche.

Your potential visitors are looking for expert knowledge & authority within your given area, that is why they want to visit you, if you have this expert authority within your niche subject, you will over time discover how easy it is to find good levels of traffic & monetise your site.

IF you do not / cannot fulfil this simple function, you have no means of being able to “hold” your visitors attention, which is recognised by the search engines very quickly, with the impact being that your search results “disappear” into the ether beyond page three of your designated search topic. Hopefully our travel seo tips will ensure you never suffer that fate!.

There are literally thousands of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) companies on the internet, all making promises about “top 10 Google rankings” in no time, virtually all of them charging ridiculous amounts of money, and most of them disappointing their customers!!, it’s a complete minefield & typically you end up dazed & confused as to what to do…

A lot of SEO is all about commonsense & thinking logically, it is NOT a science whose control is the god-given right of these “specialists”, you can do it yourself by just understanding & developing the necessary basics required for the task.

What we have tried to do is to build a simple 5 point travel seo tips check-list of the key areas that you need to work on to get yourself into the top 3% of all websites & blogs, all written in PLAIN ENGLISH.

* Basic SEO
* Content,Content,Content
* Link Building Tips
* Finding FREE Traffic
* Monetisation Tips

As a guide, we have reached the top 1% within just 6 months of starting our website, without any prior experience of website building, SEO or Google algorithms(spiders).

To quantify this success, we could not have achieved this without the help of our quite exceptional Web Hosting company Sitesell ,using the Site-Build-It system, with the incredible support of their forums plus MANY, MANY hours of learning every aspect, then writing articles then finally building the actual website, we have probably achieved at least one years work, in just a matter of months.

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