Tour Around Chiang Mai – Thailand

By | November 21, 2013

Tour to various places around Chiang Mai, Thailand. By Peter Szilagyi

chiang mai

2 thoughts on “Tour Around Chiang Mai – Thailand

  1. acajudi100

    See you in December! I will use Singaporean Air, for Korean Air is too
    racist! Aussies need to smile, and stop being racists also. Racism is
    everywhere, but I smile and EXPOSE them. People are racist towards their
    owm. It is nice to be nice, and Singapore is the nicest country and
    Singaporean Air, so far. I have Thailand is the same way, so very happy to
    take Singaporean Air and visit you. Bali people were very nice and so are
    the people of Mexico in Mexico, and less here in the USA.

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