Top Five Destinations For Medical Tourism

By | January 5, 2014
Panama Health Care - Surgery 1

Panama Health Care – Surgery 1 (Photo credit: thinkpanama)

Top five destinations for medical tourism….medical tourism or the practice of travelling to a foreign land for surgical procedures is a trend that is fast picking up in America.

According to an international medical journal the medical tourism  industry is a $40 billion industry with more than 400000 Americans alone travelling to foreign shores for various procedures ranging from cosmetic procedures to weight loss procedures.

The main reason why this industry has seen a spurt is the cost factor. Americans can save between 50-70 per cent on each of these procedures if they are willing to travel for the same.

What’s more  you get to enjoy a vacation at the same go! But how do you know which are the best destinations to travel for medical tourism. Well, we are here to tell you about the top five destinations for medical tourism.


If you do not want to travel half way across the world, and suffer a culture shock, you can travel just towards the south of  the US and yet save from 30-60 per cent of the costs you would have incurred within the US. Panama is a land of opportunities and being a service based economy is now making the most of a slew of medical tourists that are visiting Panama every year.


Mexico is another popular destination for medical tourism and receives 1 million medical tourists from across the world every year. Mexico is most popular for weight loss procedures and dental procedures. Americans from California to Texas visit Mexico annually for such procedures and enjoy a good vacation here too.


The colourful land of Singapore is another popular medical tourist destinations in the world. Singapore boast not just of  state of the art facilities, it also has one of the best cancer diagnostic centers in the world. According to the latest estimates Singapore played host to 610,000 medical tourists in the year 2013. The reason why experts think this number will go up steadily because the country is committed to keep investing in healthcare as well as medical research facilities.


According to the National Center of Policy Analysis India is a country that is an ideal medical tourist destination, because of  its lowest cost and facilities that are absolutely top notch. Orthopedic and cardiac procedures, is what India is best known for to medical tourists. With most doctors having been trained in the US, and the top hospital being internationally accredited, there is little to worry about if you are travelling to India for a medical procedure. On an average India receives 400,000 medical tourists each year.


Here is another popular medical tourist destination that is located in the south of the American lands. The cost of plastic surgeries being one of the lowest out here, Brazil has come to best known for cosmetic procedures. What’s great about Brazil is that you need to be restricted to a Rio-de-Janerio for a medical procedure. Treatment in even smaller cities of Porto Alegre are equally good for treatment and are an absolute delight as a destination for a vacation.


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