Tonights Dinner Thai Street Food

By | November 28, 2013

A Noodle dish with Chicken and vegetables. Absolutely delicious (aroi). Fresh crisp vegetables. The chicken (Gai) was kept in a chiller. I didn’t want it too…

thai street food

22 thoughts on “Tonights Dinner Thai Street Food

  1. Sergio Novelo

    Looks perfectly clean , chicken was in cool place , all vegetables looked
    fresh and washed , pan and utensils were spotless. What is the problem ?

  2. TheBronze33

    Thai streets: Healthy food – bad hygene West streets: Worst food but well

  3. ramesh046

    Yes camera work not done well. I t would have been nice to mention the
    ingrediants as well Too much the chef;s face otherwise nice to watch and

  4. Nostro200

    I guess it depends on where you worked. some McDonnalds kitchens may be
    dirty if you have a dirty boss, or clean if you have a clean boss

  5. Takashi kun

    อาหารไทยอร่อยทุกอย่างครับ ^_^

  6. Nikay95

    trust me its still way better and healthier than american food.

  7. cr38961

    That looks pretty fantastic. The bloke’s not going to get rich, though, is
    he? A lot of time and a lot of gas for not a lot of reward. I bet it really
    hit the spot, though: my kind of thing. I’m not sure the Palm oil noodles
    would be a good idea every night, and I’d prefer a steel sieve, but even
    so……looks tasty.

  8. Tippawan Ausing

    I think that he used frying oil look clean. He washed the pan clean. I can
    see what time he put into it. I do not trust the food at the restaurant how
    much I’ve been cooking in restaurants, friend, then he do fall the food .
    that you eat.

  9. Whahani hya

    มาม่าผัดขี้เมาไก่ ถ้านึกไม่ออกว่าจะสั่งอะไรดี

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