Tips When Visiting Bohol and Taking the Day Tours

By | July 6, 2013

by Elmie Gonzales
(Manila, Philippines)

Far away from the madding crowd on Bohol,Philippines

Far away from the madding crowd on Bohol, Philippines

Before you get too excited about an upcoming vacation to Bohol, there are a few things that you may want to know to maximize your stay.

As you will be out under the sun most of the time, make sure to bring some high-factor sunblock or sunscreen to avoid skin damage.For really sensitive skin, it may be wise to also wear a hat when out in the sun.

A pair of aqua shoes may also be a good option, as some parts of the beaches are a bit rocky and may cut your feet if you walk barefoot.

If you don’t plan to spend much time in your hotel or resort for the whole of you vacation, then you must surely be intending to take some of the day tours around the islands.

Even though a shuttle service is provided, these will involve a lot of walking and climbing. Comfortable walking shoes are definitely a must, as well as a bottle of water.

When you want to take a day tour but have not booked it before arriving, there are “tourist” guides all ready to offer you such tours the moment you step-off the plane.

Convenient as this may sound, it is highly recommended that you book these tours via your hotel or resort’s front desk.They can offer you many options for activities and this will protect you from possible scams!.

Ask your front desk receptionist what other fees are included in the day tours, in case some of the places you intend to visit require entrance fees. This is so you know how much money to bring with you.

The day tour drivers usually speak enough English and act as your tour guides at the same time. If you ask about it, they can take you to lesser known attractions that are not part of the usual itinerary. When they do, remember to tip them generously.

Lunch is almost always included in the tours and you will be taken to the Loboc River for it. There is a chance that you could be waiting for some time on the port if the boats aren’t ready when you arrive. It may be a good idea to bring a few snacks with you on the tour, just in case you get too hungry while waiting.

Your meal is part of the river cruise, to be enjoyed as the boat floats along the river. As this is part of the itinerary, there is usually no extra charge for it. However, you cannot choose which boat you can get on to.

Lunch is served buffet-style and includes mostly Filipino dishes, so if you have a sensitive stomach, be prepared with the necessary medication just in case the food does not agree with your body.

A stop into one of the local souvenir shops mark the end of your tour, so this is the opportunity to buy the local delicacies and souvenir products that you would like to bring home for yourself, family or friends.

Hopefully the tips and tricks above have helped you get acquainted with how the Bohol day tours work. One last thing to remember is to make sure your camera batteries are all charged up and that you have enough films or space in your memory cards because you will no doubt be taking dozens of photos all day.