Tips for Shopping on Vacation

By | September 22, 2013

by Emvia Calixte
(St. Lucia)

Shopping for those little special souvenirs is such fun!

Shopping for those little special souvenirs is such fun!

One very memorable thing that you can do while on your next vacation, is souvenir shopping.

Many people love to shop at their destinations for a number of reasons, the foremost being to take something back home to remind them of their dream vacation. For example, newlyweds love buying items that can be displayed in their new home together.

Other persons, who just love to shop, might actually go on a vacation for the simple purpose of shopping. This is possible because many of the
Shopping Hot Spots are actually major tourist destinations with trendy boutiques, malls, and outlets.

Many destinations around the world encourage shopping, by offering duty free concessions at major sites, especially the jewelry and clothing stores.

If you welcome the idea of shopping while on vacation, you may be thinking that you are already spending money on your trip, so why spend extra? Well, if you?re going to buy the exact things that you can find back home, and that are not special or distinctive in any way, then you are really wasting your money.

I think it is best to shop for things that are unique and original to your destination. Also, if you’re spending cash left over from your trip, then it is definitely money well spent.

So what can you shop for while on vacation?
* Local Music.
* Jewelry.
* Clothing such as printed t-shits and wraps, hats, sandals.
* Local Books and Magazines (Recipe books on local dishes and spices are a must have).
* Souvenirs which can be postcards, local currency, key rings,crafts and other works of artists.

Don’t forget to shop on your next vacation, for a little keepsake to remind you of that special destination you visited & time of your life you enjoyed!.