Tips and taboos to traveling through Chiang Mai, Thailand

By | November 29, 2013

Jonathan Harmon shares the tips and taboos for travel in Chiang Mai and Thailand : what is Tinglish, what is “Wai”, and how to survive in Chiang Mai. Visit o…

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16 thoughts on “Tips and taboos to traveling through Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. walkertongdee

    I have been here 25 plus years and surprisingly this guy is right on. By
    the way care to see my Chiangmai longtail boat chanel?

  2. Erling Andreassen

    Been there lots of times, all over the area and in Burma. I used to do a
    lot of drugs there before, mostly ice and ya-bas.: )

  3. d4795555

    Very good! Your clear and concise. This is good practical information for
    actually any travel location. The best to you in Chiang Mai.

  4. marlene tobin

    Thanks for you information!!!! I am wanting to go their and retire one
    day.Your info was helpful,I shall keep on gathering all the knowledge about
    Thailand as I want to be sure iam well equipped before I take on mynew life
    journey/change. Namaste..

  5. TastyThailand

    I’ve lived in Thailand for 10 years. It took me a month to get used to the
    Thai accent as, like he says, Thais speaking English can be difficult to
    understand at first. Now it’s a breeze 🙂 And yes, BE RELAXED — awesome
    advice and so true for Thailand. If you are relaxed, there’s never a
    problem. And YES……it IS the other travelers who are the problem. Thais
    are lovely but, unfortunately, Thailand gets some of the WORST westerners
    in the world. I’m western, and I avoid them like the plague.

  6. XxNevaLuvAgainxX

    I plan to move to Chiang Mai full time. I love it there and 90% of the thai
    people I have met treated me as if I was thai myself

  7. Anime Akane

    whats rent like? or work? i want to meditate and teach yoga for the rest of
    my life 🙂

  8. Steve Olsen

    Nice to see someone provide useful advice for free.

  9. Stephen Monash

    Other travellers the problem. Well, makes sense – the old maxim of not
    taking something from others – going places if invited – carrying something
    – especially at airports. Yep, Thais cause very few problems – only in some
    tourist no fly zones – generally scams though. No need to be paranoid – but
    be alert. The longer you are there the more alert you need to stay lest
    complacency sets in. Lastly, you are always a farang – a welcome guest –
    but never a Thai – no matter how long you stay there.

  10. Scott Holmes

    Thai people are very kind and like anywhere watch who you are with.

  11. RichardIIfan

    When abroad beware of your own and I found that in Thailand

  12. cr38961

    Excellent. [You’re pretty much my mental picture of the Honorary Consul!]

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