Tiger Temple Animal Planet

By | November 28, 2013

tiger temple.

tiger temple

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  1. panthera50

    @tigerboi128 That also, but that was not the issue here.

  2. tigerboi128

    @Leorcha dude are you serious the chinese arient just gonna waltze into the
    temple and just kill a tiger for its fur. What evidence is there that the
    chinese are planning to kill some tigers for the fur? And besides its not
    in china its in Thailand hense the name Tiger Temple Thailand, retard

  3. jasongiberti

    I’ve been there and filmed for a television show for Animal Planet that
    helped expose the so called abbots for what they are doing. The Tigers are
    systematically abused and exploited for the benefit of misinformed
    tourists. By paying money to see these poor tigers you are personally
    helping to enslave them. The only way this type of abuse will stop is if
    tourist make educated decisions when traveling abroad.

  4. rotterdamse4life


  5. Léonie Gáva

    wo wo wo tigerboi128 if you work there you should not be A. getting angry
    and B. swearing! … your representing buddhism here! and yes the temple is
    doing amazing things saving these animals!

  6. Adrian Wu

    I visited tis temple in march 2011. Really feel good and happy touching
    these big tigers. Thx to those good hearted monks and volunteer. I saw some
    of brianless comments by saying abuse and tigers from temple attack people.
    You think those volunteer travel from so far come to thailand just to
    abuse? When an animal attack u means either u make them angry or in
    buddism, u have done something wrong or have bad relation with the tiger in
    your past life.

  7. hunggaucon

    Not even they become a human, they can become god and Buddha also. Let
    think you guys go to church right? or whatever temple to pray right? What
    purposes you go there everyday or every weekends? You guys just want to
    decrease your sins and become more better, what about these tigers, even
    they don’t know what the hell monks chanting about, but if ANY WORDS can go
    though their ears, they also effect from mantra.

  8. cocusesucoc

    It is cruel and digusting the way they tread the animals there today. It is
    a shame what commercial greed for money doto people. This place was ones a
    peaceful place. I dare everybody not to travel there. I am making it public
    what is getting on there on every single network I am on. Because you do
    not accept any negativ comments.

  9. Tigertempletours Tiger

    Tiger Temple Animal Planet tigertempletour . com

  10. rabolio

    this tiger can be nice thank to POWER OF COMPASSION COME FROM THE
    MEDITATION OF THE MONK . In Thailand we can see the thing like this or when
    some monks go to pilgrimage in the forest they always meet wild animals. I
    also think it is a normal thing for the good monks

  11. stanisława pawłowska

    Super ,jak można oswoić tak grożne tygrysy ;podziwiam i pozdrawiam ,dziekuję

  12. j flex

    @merce0909 All these people that cry out “oh animals need to be free” A few
    years ago I would have agreed. But with the amount of pollution,
    destruction and sensless killing keeping them in captivity is protecting
    them from becoming extinct. Look at the white horned rhino ,, its now
    offically extinct in Asia due to the slaughter of them for their horns.
    Keeping animals in human captivity as long as they are respected and are
    being protected is perfectly fine with me.

  13. merce cat

    @sengoku17 you don’t even know how to talk to others,may be you need some
    schooling on social skills.I hope you can grow some compassion in your
    troubled heart this new year.

  14. Danovio

    @stufoo why not? The president of the US gave the salvadorian army 2
    million dollors evryday to fund thier civil war. and thats just one small
    country, they have done it before, they are still doing it, so why the fuck
    not give to something thats good instead? they used to fund the dahli lama

  15. bacchus111

    Humans have replaced Darwin’s survival of the fittest. Their habitat has
    diminished and the tiger is hunted illegally. The first tiger given to this
    temple was a cub orphaned by poachers. Zoos may be the only place where we
    can keep animals from going extinct.

  16. wannacboi

    All you internet clowns on here, cracking off-color jokes about what you
    think these people are doing, or what you think they should be doing, that
    you say they’re not, they’re doing their part, which is what we all have
    been commanded by God himself to do. They’re taking care of the earth.

  17. nathan rosenbaum

    Sorry , but il just put this out there, you do know they drug the tigers ?
    Highly controversial topic here

  18. King Khan Namo

    “know” is not the right word here. It hasn’t been proven that they use
    drugs on these tigers and besides, westerners are way too skeptical of
    everything and anything “out of the ordinary”…. I believe that with
    compassion, we can achieve a lot…. just like these amazing monks!

  19. cyrushanleone

    Some people can be so stupid. These tigers are NOT drugged. They are raised
    from birth/young age and believe it or not, you CAN tame an animal if
    raised from a young age (though most people will argue this is not 100% and
    they still can attack). Has anybody thought how much drugs would be
    required to keep these 100+ tigers sedated daily? How expensive that would
    be? There would also be birth defects since the pregnant tigers have been
    drugged. But there aren’t because they’re not drugged. Think!

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