Tiger Bar Patong

By | November 28, 2013

The Tiger Bar at Patong probably has the most creative design of all go-go bars on the Bangla Road strip, have a look here: http://www.southernthailand-all.c…

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12 thoughts on “Tiger Bar Patong

  1. Max Meier

    Have a good time at the Tiger Bar in Patong, pls. get social and visit out
    relevant pages indicated below and tell us what think.

  2. easymoneynch

    A lot of hot and sexy women working there!

  3. MrDampkring

    Great video! A few familiar faces too.

  4. Michael Leng

    Yes. in the South of Thailand, Patong Beach, Phuket province is the best
    recommend to visit! Sure u’ll fall in love it.

  5. SanukSanuk118

    bar girls with too many tattoos on her body seems dangerous and vulnerable
    to do many unlikely things you never think off..from ?????? to ?????? ..so
    be too careful with them……recently many customers have been
    drugged….and they held the tipsy half sleep farangs to their room and
    everything gone with minutes…?

  6. Brandon Agpaoa

    where the drinks are cheap and the sex comes easy! lol

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  8. Xircal

    Bar girls are a safe bet IMHO. They’re required to have a monthly health
    check for VD and a quartely check for HIV. I’ve never experienced a problem
    with any of them and I’ve been to Patong 13 times in the last 6 years.
    Where you are likely to have a problem is if you pick up a freelancer on
    the street, or one picks you up in a disco somewhere. Most bar girls have
    tattoes, but that shouldn’t put you off. Go to Cowboys bar in Tiger. Good
    looking chicks, cheap drinks and bar fine 700 Baht.

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