Things to do in Chiang Mai

By | July 28, 2013

by Nihar
(Washington DC)


I hope I’m addressing you with the right name as I posed this question on twitter (under @NKShahPhotos) about things to see/do out of the tourist path. I finally got around to asking you about this on your site, which by the way has a WEALTH of information. Unfortunately, we’re only in Chiang Mai for about 3 days since this is an express trip to Thailand…so anything you suggest would be great.

I saw elephant walk/rafting packages for $80 for about 8hrs. Is this correct or are they trying to rip us off? One of the things we really want to do is ride an elephant through the jungle and although I’m indifferent about the water rafting part as I’ve done that many times already, it could be an added bonus. Else, are there packages where we can do the elephant walk and ziplining in one?

Any advice would be great! Thank you.

Best Regards,

Nihar K. Shah

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Things to do in Chiang Mai

Things To Do In Chiang Mai
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Nihar

The very best suggestion I can offer you is NOT to book anything over the internet, but to wait until you are in Chiang Mai.

Even though you are only here for a few days, the choice of tours & agents in Chiang Mai is far too many to try & advise through our forum.

You will also be able to get EXACTLY the tours you want & more often than not negotiate favorable rates as well.

If you are staying anywhere within the main tourist areas located near the old ciy walls, the bulk of the agents are all close by there.


Muay Thai?
by: Nihar

Thanks Kevin — what about a Muay Thaicompetition? We’d like to go to one of those matches while in Chiang Mai as well, but not a touristy version — a real Thai match. I’ve heard Kawilia Boxing Stadium hosts them — any clue on how to acquire tickets? Do they fight only on certain nights?

Muay Thai in Chiang Mai
by: Anonymous

Hi Nihar

From what I have been able to find out the two main Muay Thai Fighting Stadium’s in Chiang Mai are:

Kawilla Boxing Stadium

Every Friday 7:30pm – 12pm Entrance 400thb

Gongsai Rd., Chiang Mai ☎ +66 53-296048 &
+66 89-8526947

Loi Kroh Boxing Stadium

Every Wednesday 9pm Entrance 400thb

28 Loi Kroh Rd., Muang, Chiang Mai ☎ +66 89-8526947

There are also several smallish Muay Thaitraining camps around Chiang Mai, I am not sure whether they are open for visitors or not…again please enquire when you are here.

Best Wishes