They Should Have Paid ME!!

By | October 4, 2013

by Scott Rosenberg
(Bangkok Thailand)

Whatever happened to the old De Naga Hotel?.

Whatever happened to the old De Naga Hotel?.

From one that travels to Chiang Mai several times a year on business at the elephant camps, there are MANY good places to stay in Chiang Mai but “where” is of course dependent on your budget and

I can tell you one thing, just returned from CM, DON’T stay at the De Naga Hotel .What used to be a good 3 star hotel has turned into a nightmare.

Here is the story:

Stayed at De Naga last year but apparently this year the hotel went through management change to be now owned by “The Unique Collection Group”. The Hotel itself has gone from nice little place to awful.

We booked a premier deluxe room and got a good rate from a manager. When we arrived, first room they gave us, bathroom smelled like a sewer.

We also got into a bit of a tiff with front desk staff who, when asked about their web stated “Free Mini Bar” policy (quite frankly we were surprised – last year they also had free mini-bar but only water and soda – this year they had sparkling water, Evian and two types of beer – not that we drink beer but I wanted an Evian).

We were told only house water was free – everything else had to be paid for. Well that set a very negative tone – even as they checked with the night manager on duty (by phone) who confirmed the confusing policy.

This also started a tiff between my Thai staff who were with me and ahousekeeping supervisor that had gotten off work but was still hanging out at the front.

She complained to my staff that “the foreigner” (me) was just causing trouble (What trouble – we asked about a policy AND reported a sewer smell in our room).

NOTE: They have since changed their website and now say only “some items” are free.

Only thing about our stay (besides their food which is very good) that made me happy was next day we were assured by the hotel generalmanager that woman was given a disciplinary warning.

We were moved to another room however in that room, the wooden door between the bathroom and the bedroom was warped and would not close. We asked them to fix it as I did not appreciate my toilet activities being observed by my staff or anyone else that may have been in the room.

They could not fix the door so they offered to show me other similar rooms to change to. I reluctantly agreed only to have two other rooms I was shown still have feces in the toilet. Yes, you read correctly. How disgusting!

At that point I was exasperated. If it were not late night we would have walked out.

Minor problem but problem none-the-less in this non-secure world: security at the hotel is very lax. Doors lock but safety chain can easily be broken as well as locks picked.

Next day, after talking with Mr. Limprasutr, the hotel general managerabout all the problems we decided to book a car (for 200 Baht) from their tour desk to take us to the airport. The car arrives and after we load our bags in the car, my staff opens the drivers passenger side of the car only to find a woman sitting there.

Ugh, safety rule number one, never get in a car where there is more than just the driver – man or woman. Point number 2, when I hire a car to take me from point A to point B – it is “my” hire car” – no one else should be in it except for those I invite.

We decided to take a tuk-tuk instead (80 Baht to airport).

Folks, teach these people a lesson, DON”T STAY at De Naga!. I had to pay to teach them how to have their staff treat guests as VALUED guests and how management should handle customer problems.

Maybe the new management group will get the message and bring back the old De Naga that I remember.

And one last thing, if you go to a buffet where you pay one price and everything is “free” on the buffet line – that means EVERYTHING is free not some dishes are free and you have to pay for others.

Unique Collection Group, shame on you for not even apologizing as requested for the really shitty (literally) stay!.

See, they really should pay me for training them!.