The Wonderful Destinations of South Korea & the City Seoul

By | November 16, 2012

by Harriet Bond
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

You’ve probably heard lots of North Korea. Since their cruel dictator has passed away his son has taken over his spot. Although North Korea is being painted in some bad color right now the south part of their country is free and alive! Here are some wonderful destinations located in South Korea that are safe, fun, and above all an amazing experience.

Korean Folk Village:

The Korean Folk Village isn’t in Seoul itself but it’s quite close. If you do decide to go, plan to go during the day. The people are friendly but not many will speak English. There you will get to marvel at the traditional Korean architect of the time. You’ll see plenty of original Korean houses and costumes.

There is so much to do in this little village that you’ll have a whole day pass you by before you get to see everything. That’s why I told you to plan to come during the day! You can catch a show that will show you traditional Korean dancing all the way to a traditional Korean wedding.

The Secret Garden: Changdeokgung Palace

Did you know that Seoul is home to not one but five different royal palaces. All from different dynasties of Korean monarchy. If you had to pick any to see, this would be the one. The palace is a marvel and wonder to gawk at. They do have English language tours available.

You just have to figure out when they are held and that can be done via any travel agency, or even their website. It does change during the year so be sure to look up the correct day and time they held. You wouldn’t want to be left in a non-English tour, although that might be a bit fun too!

National Museum Of Korea

This particular museum is located in Incheon. It contains thousands upon thousands pieces of artwork All of them ranging from modern to ancient. The museum is really geared towards the history of Korea though. So expect a lot of history lessons during your tour.

If you aren’t a fan of history, I would skip this over immediately. However, if you like history, or you just like to learn new things this tour will be a wonderful experience for you.

South Korea is nothing like the north. They are much more free, peaceful, and traditional people. You won’t have much to worry about while traveling in South Korea. Just the fact that you’ll have to enjoy the incredibly, rich culture and tasty food.


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