The Three Must-Do’s in Chiang Mai

By | September 19, 2013

by Amanda Villaruel

The natural beauty that surrounds Chiang Mai is stunning!

The natural beauty that surrounds Chiang Mai is stunning!

Chiang Mai is the place you’ll never forget! You have many options when it comes to activities, shopping and eating! Here are my three must-do’s for anyone visiting Chiang Mai.

1) Trekking:
Many travelers who visit Chiang Mai are there for the Trekking .You’re so close to the vast tropical & dense jungles that cover the mountains of northern Thailand, so why not?.

You’ll get the once-in-a lifetime chance to enjoy waterfalls, hot springs and visit the exciting Hill Tribes of Karen, Hmong, Lisu, Akha, Lawa –- just to mention a few of them. And the treks can be combined with elephant trekking which makes the trek even more exciting!.

But before you start scouting for the right trekking agency, here are some quick tips:

There are numerous trekking agencies scattered around Chiang Mai. Make sure you shop around for prices, and when you’ve found one –- check if the agency has a certificate from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). To make sure that you’ll see the things you want to see, check their schedule. And if you want to get to the base in one piece, ask about the transportation options at the beginning and end of thetrek.

2) Shopping:
When it comes to shopping in Chiang Mai, you can’t really tell where to begin… It’s a Shopper’s Paradise with markets and shops around the city — you will ALWAYS find something to buy!.

Take a walk around the Daily Markets ,and you’ll get blown away by the vast variety of items. I found colorful clothing and shoes, beautiful Thai silk pillow cases, funny hats, fake watches, jewelry, silk scarves…and you should see the rest for yourself!

One market which should be visited is the Night Bazaar .I just loved the artifacts on their second floor where they sell artifacts from Burma, Cambodia and Laos. The way they’ve carved the details is intriguing.

If you want to help the hill tribe people, you can buy handicrafts from them! They’re usually walking around the Night Market, carrying unique items to sell.

3) Sample Great Food:
Chiang Mai is renowned for its Street Food .Eating at local food stalls is far better than eating at the local restaurants in my opinion. That’s because the street food taste better, it’s cheap and you eat the way the locals do it.

You’re going to love the BBQ chicken on a stick, mouth running pancakes, and the noodle dishes. That’s for sure!.

My favorite place to eat was Anusarn which is just a couple of blocks from the Night Market. I had a craving for curries the day I stumbled upon Anusarn, and was just thrilled about the spicy flavoring. They also have food stalls selling Indian food where you can grab a couple of Rotis on your way to the Hotel or Guesthouse .Or you can try Mango with Sticky Rice ,absolutely delicious!.

Enjoy your stay in Chiang Mai, I certainly did!.

Guest Author: Amanda Villaruel runs a great website all about Backpacking Tips for Asia full of excellent information & travel ideas to help you with your next trip.