The Perfect Adventure Vacation In Maui, Hawaii

By | October 15, 2013

by Alana Day
(Boston, Mass, USA)

The Hawaiian island of Maui, known as the Valley Isle, can certainly be placed at the top of the list for any adventure vacation. Here you can discover the “real” Hawaii. You have the choice of embarking on a thrilling island adventure, or simply “chilling” out on its idyllic sundrenched beaches.

The island of Maui is actually named after a demigod (half god, half man). The islands are steeped in mythological legend of the gods and, as legend would have it, the god Maui is given credit for “creating” the chain of islands by casting a “magic” fish hook into the ocean and heaving the islands upwards from the ocean bed onto the surface.

It is perhaps no coincidence that the island of Maui is the only Hawaiian island to be honored with the name of a deity, as the island itself is considered by the locals to be the “best” of all the Hawaiian Islands. This accolade seems completely deserved and fitting, as Maui can only be best described as the ultimate tropical paradise.

Maui Adventure, Island Style

If it’s an adventure vacation you’re after, look no further – Mau is guaranteed to fit the bill with a whole host of marvelous and exciting water sports and other adventurous pursuits to choose from: for example, scuba diving, ocean kayaking, exploring lava caves, hiking to magical waterfalls… the possibilities seem almost boundless. So where to begin?.

Scuba Diving

This fascinating sport is known to be a magnificent obsession among aficionados; gliding serenely beneath the tranquil surface of turquoise waters, searching a silent and crystal clear underwater wonderland to get up close to schools of multicolored tropical fish and other magnificent marine life.

If you’ve never dived before, it is well worth the experience. Sign up for an introductory diving course. An instructor will soon outline the basicsof the sport and show you how to handle the gear, and before you know it, you’ll be ready for the adventure of a lifetime: plunging headlong into the deep.

Ocean Kayaking

Skimming over the surface of the ocean in a kayak is another popular pastime for adventurers in search of thrills. As you glide across the water’s heaving surface and listen to the rhythmic splashing of your paddle dipping and pushing, you become one with this magical place, fully aware that this is exactly how the Hawaiian natives have traveled between these islands for centuries.

Lava Caves

Another adventurous pastime worth mentioning is exploring subterranean lava caves. This entails hiking in the underground tunnels of extinct lave “tubes”. If you want a firsthand look at how these volcanic islands were born, then is a must.


A hike to the spectacular Waimoku Falls is well with the heart-pounding, energy-sapping exertion. Visualize lush green ferns and hundreds of wild orchids, then a dip in the deep cool pools of Makahiku Falls, and you may just have experienced one of the best days of your life!.