The Night Train From Chiang Mai to Bangkok, Thailand

By | November 27, 2013 Frequent trains make the long 14-hour journey from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and the most comfortable are the overnight trains. …

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25 thoughts on “The Night Train From Chiang Mai to Bangkok, Thailand

  1. wheresmyniche

    Did they serve any food on the train or have a snack car?


    woww…. nice video ……….. nice train

  3. triracer06804

    You are such a sweetheart!! Thanks for the video!! I am 23 years old.. and
    leaving for Thailand Friday.

  4. Kevin C

    is it worth it to buy a ticket for 1st class sleeper ac cabin for a solo

  5. Sheila Simkin

    @keviprofen It depends on whether or not you are serious about having a
    good nights sleep. If so, yes. If not, there’s nothing the matter with a
    2nd class ticket. We were two people and that made it a no brainer for us,
    especially since the last time we spent a 4-berth cabin in China with verty
    nice people, the man could have competed in a championship snoring contest.
    Have a great time and thanks for watching. Best regards, Travels With Sheila

  6. René Bruun

    Hi Sheila, thanks for the video, single traveler from Ireland planning a
    trip to Chiang Mai in September and was researching videos on the train
    from Bangkok, yours was very informative, thanks again.

  7. Sheila Simkin

    @renebruunphoto It warms the cockles of my heart when any of the videos
    really helps other tourists like us who always learn too late, hindsight is
    20/20. Have a fantabulous trip and thanks for watching and commenting. Best
    regards, Travels With Sheila

  8. Sheila Simkin

    @RachConnell I’m so glad the video helped! That makes me very happy. Best
    regards, Travels With Sheila

  9. Vanguy777

    Sawadee khrap, Shiela! Thankyou so much for the video, as I am even now
    debating whether to go from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by train or plane. My
    first inclination was train in a 1st Class AC car just for the adventure. I
    loved the video! Be honest .. on a scale of 1 – 10 how would you rate the
    overall experience? Are you glad you took the train rather the did the
    standard short flight? What would you say was the highlight of the whole
    train experience?

  10. Sheila Simkin

    @Vanguy777 Truthfully, I’d take a flight only because the train makes a
    gazilion stops during the night that jerked me awake every time. If you are
    a person who can sleep through anything, the train is just one more
    experience to add to your travel. Fun, but not great and I don’t really
    think I could call anything about the train ride a “highlight.” Hope this
    helps. Best regards, Sheila

  11. Surapat Disyanun

    @travelswithsheila Thanks you. I guess I’ll take the train. That’s what the
    real backpacker does right? haha.

  12. gregvc1

    first class is good, especially if you want to avoid meeting any Thais.
    Best to stay in USA with other ignorant yanks.

  13. Karen Gorham

    HI! Is it worth the sights to take a daytime train? Thanks!

  14. Sheila Simkin

    @CocoInKorea Always glad when the videos help someone else. Best regards,
    Travels With Sheila

  15. Sheila Simkin

    @DT1521 Steve will always be a Marine, wears a Marine baseball hat proudly
    and will be celebrating the Corps birthday tomorrow. I’m not sure what the
    answers are to your statements/questions above since we went to sleep early
    and vendors don’t come in First Class. But the men taking care of this one
    car, did pass out a menu with different foods for sale. Thanks for watching
    and commenting. Best regards, Travels With Sheila and “Marine” Steve

  16. pawzlecat

    I took this train second class, but I had a good time anyway, one of the
    female staff asked if I’d buy her a beer and I finished of quite a number
    of Changs before I finally got to sleep. Arriving in Bangkok at 6am is the
    worst though. You just feel so buggered. I was hoping I would be able to go
    and do stuff, but I was so tired I headed for the nearest hotel. Bangkok,
    Beautiful and Deadly. A black widow spider of a city.

  17. dave temuchin

    I travelled by 2nd class in 2002 it was a great experience couped up in a
    little compartment in 1st class i wouldn’t like it. Been with other
    travellers i think you experience it more, just one little bit of advice
    don’t drink too many changs on the train, i was in the upper compartment
    and i kept visiting the toilets all night which wasn’t amusing. On my
    return journey i didn’t imbibe any alcohol and slept better.

  18. paul jones

    was there any electrical socket in first class to allow use of a sleep
    apnea machine

  19. Sheila Simkin

    I’m very glad it helped. Have a great trip!

  20. Tom Mills

    about 850 bhat for a lower berth ticket on 2nd class sleeper.

  21. Ross Wallace

    I just completed a 3rd class 15 hour journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai
    solo and I must say that it was one of the most challenging experiences of
    my life, but a rewarding one nonetheless.

  22. Uscenes

    Thanks for the video, very helpful. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when
    you shot the sink.

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