The Full Moon Party || HD || THAILAND || Koh Phangan

By | November 29, 2013

Watch in HD if you can. Footage from July’s Full Moon Party on Haad Rin beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand! Song: Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO http://www.lmfaomusic.c…

full moon party

25 thoughts on “The Full Moon Party || HD || THAILAND || Koh Phangan

  1. Benjamin Foster

    @nongthip Relax. Alcohol, drugs, partys and whatnot are all part of being a
    teenager and growing up to be a responsible adult. The people that don’t
    experience that usually turn out to be the weirdos in life. Muggins and
    rape can unfortunately happen to anyone, anywhere, it’s not restricted to a
    beach on a Thai island, just because there is a bunch of young people
    there. Yeah it happens, but statistically somethings bound to considering
    the vast volume of people going to one specific place.

  2. strongpimphand

    Funny….a huge party in Thailand….with seemingly few Thai people! I
    wonder who cleans up the beach when the sun comes up….

  3. jackrobinson23

    this video is epic! i see you are using the canon 600d, was just wondering
    what lens you are using?

  4. LDOTMAN100

    I was thinking about goin at the end of April. Whats peoples opinion on the
    best time to go?

  5. yowillnevergetme

    i’ve been living in thailand for 17 years now and never even been there
    once. i’m thai by the way. ps. your camera is amazing!

  6. neverfalter1989

    I was at this party had a great time. Went by myself and meet amazing
    people, who were down to just have a good time, and didn’t mind me
    chilling. I see alot of faces in this video I meet that night!

  7. timgoat556

    lol you think they would want to be caught in that white person dog pile?

  8. TheGreatlookinguy

    BOOKED TODAY. NYE 2013-2013 !!! Who’s coming!?? :-)))

  9. Olof Hellsten

    so thell me why buckets are so dangerous?

  10. spayoga

    i want to go to full moon party >>>>> but no accompany……

  11. sbowesuk

    All I see here are a bunch of drunk, rowdy, western teenagers, who’ll
    probably piss off the locals and end up biting off more than they can chew.
    If there’s one thing Thai people hate it’s troublesome drunk westerners.
    Thai’s even have a special name for such people, even though I can’t recall
    the exact word.

  12. Thom B-V

    Your’e right on one thing: they piss off locals but some of the locals also
    party with them. Also, they are called “Fareng”.

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