The Elephants!

By | November 15, 2012

by Sarah Zakzouk
(London, UK)

Ah Chiang Mai, some of my fondest ever travel memories rest in Chiang Mai, possibly one of the most magical cities in the world!.

Such a bustling place, friendly people, great food, tuk tuks to take you wherever you want whenever you want. I am also going to give a shout out to MD House & Hostel – fantastic place to stay.

So Chiang Mai… I did some trekking into Northern Thailand, spent a daylearning to train elephants, which was possibly one of the most exuberant experiences of my life to date. We fed them, washed them and rode them through the jungle – an absolute dream come true.

They are beautiful timid creatures, and despite their colossal size, they are calm, friendly and peaceful animals. I would go back in a second to experience it all over again.

Chiang Mai was my Thailand highlight and I intend to go back again as soon as I can!.