The Best Full Moon Party Video Ever! (Koh Phangan Thailand)

By | November 27, 2013

The best party video ever made during the full moon party on the 24th of Decmeber 2007 in Thailand, Koh Phangan.. Includes a very nice soundtrack of Noisia..

full moon party

25 thoughts on “The Best Full Moon Party Video Ever! (Koh Phangan Thailand)

  1. พรเทพ พรเทวา

    เออ ประเทศมึงนั่นแหละ ประเทศกูด้วย แต่ไอ้ห่าพวกนี้มันมาทำห่าอะไรที่ประเทศเรา

  2. TheGreatlookinguy

    NYE 2012-2013… I’m gonna be there. BRING IT ON!!!

  3. Private Club Cherry - Coming Soon!

    The Best Full Moon Party Video Ever!

  4. ada adAS

    … yellow brick. Its in the video description

  5. Tony Tte

    Full moon parties sucks if you want a good time go to aguilla carnival!!

  6. 20ZZ20

    the guys at 2:00 and 2:05 smoking looked like a fucking badass

  7. joherold

    thanks… i think the search i did came up with a different track so i got
    confused.. much obliged

  8. jdomoraud

    To crazy for my likings. Any relaxation places in thailand?

  9. วิริยะ กระต่ายจันทร์

    Welcome to Thailand

  10. maechtiga

    sure.. but i dont tell ya otheriwse its no relaxation any longer if all
    those fcked up crowd guys move there….

  11. Alan Walmsley

    Who the fuck parachutes during a FMP? F#kin nuts!

  12. Notker Grassel

    nice video guys! check out our video about phangan and feel free to leave a
    comment! Official Teaser 2013 | Sounds of Eden | Thailand Experiences [HD]

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