The Bankgkok Hilton – Bang Kwang Bangkok, Thailand prison BBC documentary 2/2

By | November 29, 2013

The Bankgkok Hilton – Bang Kwang Bangkok, Thailand prison BBC documentary 2/2.


18 thoughts on “The Bankgkok Hilton – Bang Kwang Bangkok, Thailand prison BBC documentary 2/2

  1. Patrick Beacock

    Buddhists who execute inmates aren’t real Buddhists.

  2. Madara Uchiha

    Don’t take offence, I would never talk like this to you in real life, sorry
    about that. What i say is true though, drug wars are racist, and always
    have been, white man drugs like Alcohol that kills people every day are Ok,
    but black man drugs like pot that have never killed anyone are the source
    of all evil, complete racism, it’s even admitted that;s the reason pot was
    band in many countries.

  3. pacovl46

    That’s your opinion, man. There’s lots of white drug offenders rotting away
    in prison as well, not just blacks. I totally agree with you that cannabis
    should be legal. The reason pot was banned in the US and then in most other
    countries is because one rich and well connected fucker who was in the
    paper industry started to lobby against it because hemp is cheaper,
    provides better quality paper, can be harvested 3 times a year and he felt
    his business was threatened, so he got it banned.

  4. Madara Uchiha

    It’s not an opinion, the war on pot was started because black people smoked
    pot, this is on record, cheap paper might have been the final reason pot
    was banned, but it was also about race. The war on Opium is the same, it
    was started because Opium was the Asians drug of choice. The 2 legal drugs
    Alcohol and tobacco are way worse than the drugs most people in the world
    take Opium and pot.

  5. stewartx5

    Well, if that’s true (weed heals cancer), you’d better get in touch with
    all the hospitals, doctors, and researchers looking for a cure for cancer.
    None of them seem to know about it. As for legalization reducing dealers &
    crime, that’s simply not reality. Even in the Netherlands (which is
    experimenting with legalization), there’s a flourishing trade in illegal
    drugs. Drug dealers simply switched to stronger versions of existing drugs
    – or began promoting exotic drugs even more dangerous.

  6. Madara Uchiha

    What ever. If you actually do some research on both these subjects, you
    will learn something, ill leave it at that.

  7. Martin Rowlands

    tht guy in beginning of this video, look like guy in movie the Midnight

  8. kacy jenkins

    It appears they treat them as good as could be expected. At least people
    know if they get caught smuggling drugs in Thailand, this is what they can
    expect to happen to them.

  9. Kamrul IsLam

    To my point of View this peoples are not a DRUG Paddler – they r just a
    VICTIM ~ I would like draw Attention to the Bongkok Police to take Action
    against ~ DRUG SELLER !!! Selling Stops ~ Buying Stops ….

  10. Kamrul IsLam

    Is it really True – To kill a VICTIM from a back side so that the Departed
    Soul don’t see the face who shot him to death and won’t come back to haunt
    the person who has shoot ?

  11. Alan Macnaughton

    The young guy who smuggled the xtc is clearly scared and smiles a lot after
    speaking….. I think he must have been instructed on how to act and what
    to say. Feel sorry for the Nigerian as he has no help from anybody and
    probably done it in the first place through poverty and desperation

  12. stephen forde

    that stupid manc twat and his horrible chav accent.. ugghh.. vile

  13. Shezan Sikandar

    never go to Thailand. One of the worst country to visit.

  14. aTruster

    Why are these guys complaining? They got caught, end of. If you don’t want
    to do the time plead not guilty and face death.

  15. Sejkan Zekiroski

    Drug dealers ruin and destroy lives. It’s a big Decision which I haven’t
    made as to whether they should die or not. On the other hand, if they serve
    a sentence and get out in a country like that, they would only get out and
    deal Heroin again, so what do you do to the drug Dealers??
    Thailand is a Fucken unsafe and corrupt country. Fuck them all!!!!!!

  16. Wwx Ware

    Thailand is my home and I love it. It is no more unsafe than anywhere else.
    As a buddhist I disagree with the monk, nowhere in the Tripitaka does it
    say it is ok to kill. As Buddhists the first precept is do not kill, there
    are no exceptions. The executioner gets the same karma as any murderer, his
    intent is to kill, his reason is merely justification. Karma is the law of
    cause and effect and taking a life according to The Lord Buddha’s teaching
    is wrong.

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