The Bankgkok Hilton – Bang Kwang Bangkok, Thailand prison BBC documentary 1/2

By | December 8, 2013

The Bankgkok Hilton – Bang Kwang Bangkok, Thailand prison BBC documentary 1/2.


23 thoughts on “The Bankgkok Hilton – Bang Kwang Bangkok, Thailand prison BBC documentary 1/2

  1. Chance Pemberton

    Funny thing is, crimes of yesterday are not today and today’s crime will
    not be tomorrow. And who determines what is a crime and what is the
    punishment? A crime here is not a crime there. Let’s not forget that money
    over rides everything, got enough of it, consider yourself immune to the
    law anywhere.

  2. Chance Pemberton

    The people of the third world seem to be chained by archaic laws, ruled by
    ruthless dictators or deranged religious zealots and are more or less an
    enslaved people confined to the Dark Ages.

  3. alreadythere1993

    only a fool would smuggle drugs in or out of a place like thailand.
    danjerous place

  4. toby millett

    You wouldn’t catch Buddha smoking crack, and shagging lady boys, so why is
    Thailand in such a mess?

  5. Ben TEN TEN

    The conclusion, Bangkok, and cities like it, are simply screwed up, and
    know as much about conducting a civilized judicial system, as a child knows
    how to conduct a space shuttle. In a country where drug dealing is as worst
    as murder and rape, you know it’s a backward nation; however, america is
    even worst, where minor crimes becomes major when you’re black, whom by the
    way fill more prisons than you’ll find prisoners in any other prison system
    on earth, and for the least serious of “crimes”.

  6. Ben TEN TEN

    Supply and demand can never be stopped nor slowed down. If governments took
    better care of it citizens, a lot of this wouldn’t be necessary.

  7. whatadollslife

    I don’t see any problem with any of this ,you dealt drugs ,you dealt death
    stay in there forever

  8. MrEye4get

    Prisons like these need MORE publicity! It helps the prison(ers) systems
    and educates the public.

  9. Lisandro Perez

    I wish i could go to these prisons and preach about Jesus Christ.

  10. kailastaila

    Well, some of them have also personal circustances which influence their
    way if acting. If you need money desperately, may be you dont think a lot
    in the repercussion. May be if you born in Nigeria and you need money for
    your family, you would think repercussions are not that bad, or that at
    least they will have a choice to earn money and change their lifes.

  11. kailastaila

    Yes, forget about the personal circumstances of those people, forget about
    the drug market which is the real problem. Lets just blame the
    smugglers…. that´s really intelligent….. I guess you study the subject,
    and you thought a lot about that to arrive to that point.

  12. ali tartoussi

    I like how they sentenced him for 99 years you might also end him now

  13. gangster7382

    do not speak so arrogant my friend…, sometimes some people r in
    situations u cant hardly ever imagine n dont deserve their sentence. Have
    compassion, u never know when u will be tested.

  14. marqedman1

    I can speak as arrogant as I want . I’ve traveled the world and been in
    situations your wannabe gangster ass couldn’t imagine! You go to these
    places you learn to play by their rules. I have been tested time and time
    again. I passed.

  15. jammy popels

    Legalise all drugs below class A legalise all prostitution. Tax both
    There you go I just reduced crime by a huge margin and gave your country a
    shitload of money your welcome.

  16. Jimmy Brown

    kailastaila, you sound like a right fucking trumpet….. No I don’t
    ”study” drugs but I’ve done a few over my lifetime. The ”point” that I
    have come too is a simple one. DON’T SMUGGLE DRUGS. And your point is
    exactly ??? Fuck off ya fucking halfwit, are you on the shrooms ??? They
    are out my way. Bam.

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