The Association For Akha Education & Culture in Thailand

By | November 16, 2012

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The Hill Tribe Rainforest Adventure Experience

The Hill Tribe Rainforest Adventure Experience

 The Association For Akha Education & Culture in Thailand (AFECT) – an NGO (non-governmental organisation) was established in 1981 and is the oldest organization for Hill Tribes in ASIA. We work extensively with UNESCO to preserve HILL TRIBE culture.

Because Thailand’s Hill Tribes culture has just about been destroyed by tourism the courses are run as 100% non profit schemes to assist PRESERVING WHAT IS LEFT of the tribal culture and to protect the deeply rich and pure tribal societies found in LAOS which are now severely threatened by tourism.

Because of our unique position the HILL TRIBE tours not only benefit volunteers and tourists into understanding the basis of ecology and sustainability but are a very rewarding experience.

AFECT’S Thailand Hill Tribe Rain Forest Adventure – Chiang Rai, northern Thailand

AFECT – The Association For Akha Education & Culture in Thailand – is the oldest HILL TRIBE organization in Thailand and for 28 years we have been protecting HILL TRIBE culture. Because we are the only organization in Asia protecting HILL TRIBE Culture we are pleased to offer unique short courses in our Tribal School Adventure and Long term Volunteer placements – some of the best in Thailand. We work in association with UNESCO and UNDP.

The Hill Tribe Rainforest Adventure Experience: (ECO-SCHOOL)

We offer a 3 day and weekly RAINFOREST ADVENTURE where you learn about Forest Survival, Shamanism, Interwoven Forest Consciousness, Ecology, Naturopathy (herbal ancient medicine) Mythology and Patterns Systems and Relationships found in the Natural World. Interspersed within the school program are fun tours and activities that make this a unique way to engage in a fascinating and ancient culture. Our villages are culturally protected by UNESCO and off the typical tourist track so without other tourists around you can experience customs inherently alive with hill tribe traditions unchanged for hundreds of years. Learning how creative tribes live will give you valuable life skills which will stay with you for ever, teaching us a deeper understanding of interwoven life and ourselves within the natural environment.

Some of the Topics covered in the courses:

Systems Thinking:

Recognizing that learning to think systemically is critical for sustainability because an ecosystem is not just a collection of species, but is a community and communities, whether ecosystems or human systems, are made up of sets, or networks, of relationships.

The Principals of Ecology Networks:

All members of an ecological community are interconnected in a vast and intricate network of relationships, the web of life. They derive their essential properties and, in fact, their very existence from these relationships.

Nested Systems:

Throughout nature we find multi-leveled structures of systems nesting within systems. Each of these forms an integrated whole within a boundary while at the same time being a part of a larger whole.


The interactions among the members of an ecological community involve the exchange of energy and resources in continual cycles. The cycles in an ecosystem intersect with larger cycles in the bioregion and in the planetary biosphere.


The unfolding of life, manifesting as development and learning at the individual level and as evolution at the species level, involves an interplay of creativity and mutual adaptation in which organisms and environment coevolve.

Long Term Volunteering:

Many NGO’s do great work and offer exciting volunteer exchanges but often centre on fragments of humanitarian work. Because we are run and managed by the hill tribe we believe in a holistic and progressive approach to charitable work. Working within the cultural structures of hill tribe society creates a lasting and more sustaining autonomy. We can arrange extremely diverse volunteer packages around our 12 the humanitarian programs we manage. These volunteer packages are some of the best in Thailand.

AFECT’S Hill Tribe Rainforest Adventure in Thailand offers a unique experience of hill tribal culture!.

This is a great project, which we are really pleased to support as a
Good Cause ,please help them & the hill tribe people by visiting theirwebsite & joining their tours!.