The amazing city of Chiang Mai, Thailand

By | November 22, 2013

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25 thoughts on “The amazing city of Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. John Holsopple

    thanks for taking me on a walk with you this morning…..

  2. Winterstick549

    Are you familiar with the ‘Bake and Bite’ cafe? My late father who retired
    in Chaing Mai knew the owner really well and helped her with setting up the
    facilities. I believe her name is Gai, or Gia. I’d love to contact her as I
    lost her email. Thanks.

  3. mousebatfolicle

    Nice snap shot of every life in Chiang Mai. Were there in 2010 and while
    the tourist stuff is good, its the everyday sights and sounds that make it
    special. Thanks for uploading

  4. Christopher Carr

    Are there any 2 bedroom serviced apartments in that area? 🙂

  5. jwdwsn1

    Looks amazing. I’ll be there in a couple days to run the marathon and enjoy
    the scenery. Can’t wait, especially after seeing this. I’ll be sure to
    check out your site as well.

  6. rotcataergeht

    at a cafe i usually buy drinks every 2 1/2 hours. Dont want to look ugly u
    know. unless u stop by everyday then its okay.

  7. itsagoodlifeforus

    I feel in love with Chiang Mai. Im hoping to move there

  8. Brenda Hargrove

    Looks amazing. Can’t wait to go there end of this year. Checked out that
    Brittania Guest House and has great reviews. Think I will stay there for a
    few days while I look for a place. Thanks for the cool video!!

  9. Terry Rickard

    Great shoot. Stayed in that area last year. Blue Mountain most laid back
    restaurant ever. Took me a while to get into the groove and just chill out.
    Fantastic food.

  10. Terry Rickard

    Buy local mosquito repellent in any 7-11 for a couple of euro equivalent
    and you will be fine.

  11. Fred Azbell

    Chiang Mai is my favorite city in Thailand. Very different from Isaan.

  12. Stephen Hughes

    Is that North Gate to the right at the end of your video ? Going back to
    Chiang Mai in November want to explore new places, some of them in your
    video look quite good.

  13. Breycor

    Yes, that’s the north gate. Soi 9 is where I took the video.

  14. tom noeldnerr

    What a great little village, very cool, you will see nothing like that in
    the states.

  15. filthiestfish

    Did you eat street food? Did you get an upset stomach from eating at any
    time out there?

  16. Breycor

    Yes — and — yes. Please read the book I’m referencing above: The Amazing
    Stories of Tom in Thailand on Amazon. It tells all about Monty’s Revenge
    here in Thailand, and what you can to do to prevent it.

  17. Ricia Brown

    I love how the Thai people bring in the potted plants to make is seem less
    like a city street.

  18. We Love Medellin

    Nice video sir . Whats do you use to film ?

  19. bugz2grrl

    Good video though. But i am a bit confused about traffic lane.

  20. John Dally

    Thumbs down for the redneck assumption: YouTube = America (“Say hello to

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