Thailand Weather In May

By | April 3, 2014

Starts in May brings a stream of warm moist air from the Indian Ocean towards Thailand Upper Thailand usually experiences dry weather in winter because of the northeast monsoon which is a main factor that controls the climate of this region.

Monthly Weather Summary in Thailand . May 2013 . In May 2013, hot weather still persisted mainly in upper Thailand with very hot weather in some areas.

In early March, cool weather will remains in the morning across the upper portions of northern and northeastern parts but contrastly, tropical cyclone may affect Thailand’s rainfall especially in northern, central and southern Thailand.

Thailand may increase from 21.5-27.5 to 25-32 oC, while the amount of rain fall changes spatially. weather patterns and climate elements such as precipitation, and wind circulation, atmospheric pressure and ocean circulation.

And report weather variables related to agriculture, A double peak of activity in May and November though tropical occur almost exclusively from April to June and again in late September to early December. – Northwest Pacific basin Occur all year round regularly though there is a

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Are experienced from March to May. June to October is the rainy season, with uncertain weather and heavy rain from time to time, which can cause flooding in some areas. Thailand is called the land of smiles,

Thailand Country Profiles 2011 2 Thailand Country profiles 2011 from June to October; cool from November to February; and of season from March to May. The lower zone in the southern region has a tropical rainforest climate.

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