Thailand Vlog – Tour of an Apartment in Chiang Mai

By | December 3, 2013

Visit to learn about my health coaching service. Here’s a look into the place where I am staying in Chiang Mai, a northern city of …

chiang mai

12 thoughts on “Thailand Vlog – Tour of an Apartment in Chiang Mai

  1. fruitfanatic33

    Lee!!! You got it going on!! What a great little place & the price is
    phenomenal!! Congrats on it all!! Tell Amanda I said hey…if you see her!
    Be safe & eat lots of yummy fruit for me!! Peace, Itsy

  2. oldhippie1946

    Nice little clean place with a view and a really good price. Enjoy Thailand

  3. Kaitlyn Aliano

    Do you have a website for that complex? I’d love to learn more. I tried to
    “google” it, but no dice.

  4. Lee Gaines

    They don’t have a website, but it is literally next door to this place:

  5. acajudi100

    I plan to do the SE Asia visa hop this year, but first will meet up with my
    daughter in Bali, who is coming from Madrid. We are Americans, and I am
    learning Thai now. Malin Residence seems to be the place i like, near the
    University, and the night bazaars. I am retired, so I can live, were ever I
    want, and al the kilings in America will chase me out. I know that there is
    not any !00% safe places, but what is going on in America is crazy!

  6. dave temuchin

    good value accommodation and a balcony

  7. tigergreg8

    Very nice place, but no Kitchen? Or did I miss something. I know you may
    not cook, but where do you put your blender and food items to refrigerate?

  8. Lee Gaines

    No kitchen. There is a sick on the balcony. No fridge. It woulda been great
    to have a kitchen and fridge to store OJ, Cane juice, etc… But it was
    alright without it.

  9. Banker in the Sun

    Love the view! Sounds so peaceful there. $150 a month can’t be beat!

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