Thailand Vlog – Getting to Chiang Mai

By | December 9, 2013

Visit to learn about my health coaching service. Traveling from Arizona to Chiangmai, Thailand. I made it to Bangkok then took a bu…

chiang mai

18 thoughts on “Thailand Vlog – Getting to Chiang Mai

  1. Sandra FruitsYou

    Oh wow this is so awesome Lee! Glad you got to Chiang Mai safe! Awesome vid
    too! Can’t wait to see to future vlogs! I believe there are a bunch of
    80/10/10 dudes in Chiang Mai you guys should all meet up!

  2. Lee Gaines

    Thanks Sandra 🙂 Yeah I plan on meeting up with Chris, Handymanbananas,
    ronnie, and the other guys and girls out here sometime soon. It should be

  3. R Privette

    Safe travels my friend… Hope you find what you are seeking…

  4. oldhippie1946

    You picked a great place to go for nice people, good food and a view !!!!

  5. Debbie Driver

    Cant wait to see more Lee! I Hope to get to Thailand this year, Ive never
    been so I would find your vids a real help! 🙂 (: xxx

  6. Lee Gaines

    Thanks Debbie – If there is some stuff you want to see in particular let me

  7. Debbie Driver

    ah, thanks Lee, just really a (fruit) beginners guide to Thailand, cheap
    places to stay and great food! hope your having a great time! x

  8. IamFrancoisDillinger

    I just happened to stumble upon this video…I’m hoping to travel to
    Thailand next year and study Muay Thai in CHiang Mai…I’ve vegetarian
    trying to switch back vegan and love what I’ve heard about how cheap the
    fruit and food is there. Keep up the vlogs!!!! I’ll be watching!

  9. Lee Gaines

    Right on, man. Muay Thai is huge here, and it’s easy to eat a vegan diet
    here too! Thanks for your comment.

  10. Banker in the Sun

    Dragon fruit!!! Huzzah! Like the kiwi’s snow leopard cousin. Thanks for a
    great video.

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