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By | February 1, 2015

Marriott Vacation Club Int'l Sr. VP, Mktg. & Sales Ops 407-513-6872 brian.miller@ 310-557-3958 Mattel/Hot Wheels WW Creative Dir Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, Thailand 66-2-679-5210 Liv Eisaman PR Mgr. 310-214-6162 leisaman@saatchila

VISA MERCHANT CATEGORY CLASSIFICATION (MCC) CODES DIRECTORY MCC MERCHANT TYPE 0742 Veterinary Services 0763 Agricultural Co -operatives 0780 Horticultural Services

With over 18 years, Asia World has become one of Thailand’s leading Destination Management Companies with a focus on quality travel programs around Thailand. Herbalife EMEA Vacation Europe May-13 Phuket 1,200

The company has now rewarded us with fully paid for Mediterranean cruise and next year we are on our way to Thailand. Through Herbalife we now have daily cash flow, We are now In Qualification for a fully paid for Mediterranean Cruise and a getaway vacation in Zanzibar.

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AMWAY: MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING . THIS MINISTRY HAS RECEIVED SEVERAL ENQUIRIES ABOUT MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING OR MLM OVER THE PAST SIX YEARS. Taiwan, Thailand, and Asia overall in the Reader's Digest "Trusted Brands of Asia" survey.[42] In 2008 Nutrilite scientists,

Am also an Herbalife Major Howe and Pete Perdomo (our token Cuban) live here, and David and Marilyn (Murphy) Nelson have a vacation home here, so you know it must be nice! If Thailand and our son Parker is single. Loren and her husband Walter work for the State Dept. and

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