Thailand Trip and Journey Series (Part 1) Bangkok and Chiang Mai

By | December 6, 2013

This is my South East Asia documentary movie journal tour for you to enjoy. The series will be chronicle everything from eating, lodging, flight plans, costs…

chiang mai

25 thoughts on “Thailand Trip and Journey Series (Part 1) Bangkok and Chiang Mai

  1. GreenLaughs Rod

    I had some Thailand food the other day in Brooklyn and it was delicious. It
    was also cheap.

  2. Deny Korn

    perfect video buddy. Im going to Thailand in November 2012 and I cant wait
    to eat and travel. It will be the third time in Thailandia!!! LOVE

  3. Azurisha

    I’m going to Thailand next month for 3 weeks and am very excited now after
    watching this vid! The food and that Thai tea is just yummy looking! 😀

  4. videosdatreta

    woww thanks for the video I felt like i was travelling (and tasting the
    food) haha

  5. MrVeesworld

    You are very welcome. I have a few others like that and will be posting
    more of the experiences on my channel. You might want to check the one I
    made called “Getting Round in Thailand.”

  6. MrVeesworld

    No you should stay 4-5 weeks to get the full effect honestly. Where are you
    going exactly? Watch my other Thailand vids btw okay?

  7. MrVeesworld

    I hear ya. Chicago is the wild west. Good luck in Thailand . I will be
    there in June as well.

  8. acajudi100

    I am so happy to see you are going outside the box. and knowing, there is
    more to the world, than our hometown. I have been doing this, since age 20,
    and my late hubby tagged along also, and the travel bug has been passed on
    to my only child, who loves to travel. Be safe and be blessed my brother.

  9. MrVeesworld

    Thank you so very much. You child is fortunate that they have the blessing
    of knowledge that there ios a great big world outiosde of the rate race USA.

  10. Micah Gunkelman

    how do you afford traveling???? ik southeast asia is cheap but i didnt
    think it was that cheap

  11. arm bender

    Sawasdee kop.. Sabii dee mai.. Chauk dee na krap…. learn the basics of
    Thai and travel outside of Bangkok or Chang mai and see real thai culture..
    hey.. i live few mnutes from buffalo

  12. MrVeesworld

    Glad you know how to greet in Thai. I did travel beyond Bangkok and Chang
    Mai. I lived there for 12 months as well, mainly in Pai, Mae Hong son, and
    of course did the south islands: Koh Samui, Ko Tao,Koh phangan, Phuket etc.
    Also went to Nong Khai, Vientiane-Laos, Burma, Mae Sai and other provinces
    around the north. Heading back next month fir 4th trip

  13. arm bender

    buses are so noisy and over run with pop thai music as well as most any
    city, suburban city or township, no matter what the size.. it can be very
    noise especially with the drive around advertising blasting from small
    pickups.. but other wise its quite nice to visit remote areas depending on
    ones liking to do so.. ya.. i leaving mid june for 3 months making it my 8
    th trip to thailand.. tc good luck

  14. MrVeesworld

    Thanks so much. I will keep m types of videos as long as good people like
    yourself watch them and get something out of them. Another one is coming in
    a another 2 weeks from abroad.

  15. capemastershow

    @MrVeesworld How you’ve been Mr.V! Watching your videos take me on an
    incredible journey.It makes me feel like I’m there enjoying myself

  16. Rebecca Smith

    Enjoying Bali!! Singapore Newton Hawker snd the Cihiang Mai thank you sir V!

  17. ejdf870

    I had Pad Thai on Khaosan road, exactly from the same lady you did in this
    video. I didn’t like it much; I thought it tasted more like Lo Mein than
    real Pad Thai.

  18. MrVeesworld

    Funny!! I know what you are saying. I can see that and taste it too. As you
    know, all Pad Thai served there is not done the same same way. I like hers.
    though, especially since it was my first taste of Thai food in 11 years
    after not being there.

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