Thailand – “The Traveler’s Paradise”

By | September 15, 2013

by Jitesh Arora

Tourism is a major economic factor in Thailand, which in fact started when US soldiers started arriving there for rest and recuperation in 1960s, during the Vietnam War period.

At the same period international mass tourism also sharply increased due to many reasons. Rise in the standard of living, increase in leisure time, improvement in science and technology which made travel possible and cheaper etc are some of the reasons.

This new trend was virtually capitalized by Thailand. The peak period of tourism is during Christmas and New Year holidays, when tourists from western countries travel abroad to escape from the terrible cold climate.

Mostly Thailand is visited by Asian tourists for Bangkok and the historical, natural and cultural sights in its vicinity. Western tourists visit the country not only for Bangkok, but also for the southern beaches and islands.

If you are interested in adventure travel it is better to travel North up to the Chiang Mai area, with its Ethnic Minority Groups and beautiful forested mountains.

Those who are interested in Trekking can enjoy a lot here. The government promotes tourism by setting up a separate tourism police with offices in the major tourist areas and its own emergency telephone number. It is to be noted that sex tourism is also prevalent in Thailand, though regulated by the government to control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

In order to face the stiff competition offered by Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam; Thailand is targeting niche markets like golf holidays or holidays combined with medical treatment.

Tourists from different countries reach here allured by these, though they are especially aimed at Japan and South Korea. “Amazing Thailand” is the main marketing slogan for promoting Thailand internationally.

Whatever a tourist desires for is available in Thailand. No wonder people throng there in large numbers. Diving sites, sandy beaches, tropical islands, varied night life, archaeological sites, museums, palaces, world heritage sites etc are the specialty of the country.

The country is famous for various courses held for the tourists. Popular among them are classes in Thai CookingBuddhism and Thai Massage. People of Thailand are fun loving!!.

Famous festivals are the ‘Elephant Round-up’ in Surin, the ‘Rocket Festival’, in Yasothon and the ‘Phi Ta Khon Festival’ in Dan Sai.

Another attraction for the tourists is the Thai Cuisine .It is famous throughout the world with its lavish use of fresh herbs and spices.

Expensive as well as in-expensive foods are available in Thailand. Eating enthusiasts can taste Thai cuisine in the gourmet restaurants of Bangkok and others can opt for delicious Som Tam at a simple roadside Street Food Stall in the countryside.

Travelers cannot resist shopping in the renowned shopping malls of Bangkok. Central World, the biggest shopping mall in South-east Asia is in Bangkok, offering wide variety of international and local brands. The night markets in the Silom and on Khao San Road are mainly tourist oriented.

T-shirts, handicrafts, counterfeit watches and sunglasses are available here. The moderate climate of Thailand makes it really an amazing tourist destination.

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