Thailand Street Food

By | November 23, 2013

Favorite safe street food treats, vegetarian food and shopping the markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our personal tips for eating and snacking safely: 1. Choo…

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23 thoughts on “Thailand Street Food

  1. rivermist80

    Wow such a fun adventure…TFS! Julie

  2. JustKseniya

    Did you guys sleep at night at all? You look like you are having so much
    fun! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! 🙂

  3. Shaunell MacGloan

    What an INCREDIBLE experience and journey of a lifetime ! Thank so much for
    sharing your experiences with ALL of us!,

  4. MELObeautybar

    Did you have a lot of prostitutes come up to you ? Lol I figure they
    foreigners and think cha Ching $

  5. TommyAkirakun

    In Chiangmai there are less hooker than pattaya and don’t think Bangkok and
    Pattaya is like Chiangmai b’cos we are more clean and more upper class

  6. whitney minthorn

    LOL that lady boy “hahaha” so funny!

  7. ดาดีดา อาโออิ๊

    เพิ่งเคยเห็น โออิชิ รสข้าวโพด 555555

  8. KenOfthewest

    I love the street food and its freshly cooked, so safer than if you eat in
    a large chain where its on display for ages!

  9. Anarchosyn

    I stumbled across your videos after koh tao nostalgia brought me to filter
    through your vids. Wow, I love you guys. Wonderfully entertaining, and I
    love your styles.

  10. streetwolfe

    hey guys, i’ve been watching your thailand videos since i’ll be going there
    next year and i had a quick question. is there anything specific to look
    out for or avoid. Like any trouble with people trying to start anything or
    muggings or anything, just curious. thank you 🙂

  11. Banker in the Sun

    Great tour of the Sunday market! And nice to see that you can still eat
    healthy while traveling.

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